10 Best Street Foods in Kolkata Your Dare not Miss Out



If you have been to Kolkata and missed out on its local street food, the trip could never said to be complete. Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, is known for its succulent street food such as puchkas, Kachori, Jhalmuri and the list is long. The post is dedicated to all the foodies out there as we share the top street foods of Kolkata with you. Check them out!


One of the best street food in the location of Kolkata in West Bengal, Puchkas are flour balls stuffed with spiced potatoes (mashed), filled with pudina water, tamarind chutney and lime. The lip smacking street food is sure to delight you as you eat the crispy and crunchy puchka. It is known with different names in different parts of the country such as golgappa in Delhi, Pani Puri in Mumbai and Gupchup in Odisha.

Best place to eat: There are many places you can try puchka but do not miss the one outside Vardaan Market (Krishnakant Sharma’s stall).


Made using Puchka, it is another street food where the puchkas are crushed mixed with boiled chopped potatoes, spices, onion and tamarind. Quite similar to puchka in taste but still if you miss out on this, you journey to the ‘City of Joy’ is not complete.

Best place to eat: Maharaja Chaat Centre at Bhawanipore and Southern Avenue

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Ghugni Chaat

Have you ever been to Mumbai and tasted the famous street food Ragda? If yes, you can easily understand about Ghugni Chaat. It is prepared using boiled dried peas mixed with flavors and spices, onions, chilies, tomatoes, onion and tamarind (garnish). It is one of the best street foods in Kolkata you must not miss. Did you recently book business class flight to attend a conference at The Oberoi Grand in Kolkata? Make sure you stop by the street food joints in the area selling Ghugni Chaat. You are going to love it for sure.

Best places to eat: You will several joints selling Ghugni Chaat but the best taste is savored at New Market and Dacres Lane.


This is a perfect go-to snack in the city of Kolkata. Jhalmuri is an easy, munchy and quick smack prepared with puffed rice, peanuts, onions, namkeen, coriander, spices, tomatoes, chilies and other special ingredients. No oil and no time for cooking make it one of the most favorite street foods of Kolkata. When on a street food tour in Kolkata, You can never miss your hands on Jhalmuri

Best places to eat: Triangular Park and Jawaharlal Nehru Road

Keemar Doi Bara

Keemar Doi Bora is a special kind of Dahi Bora where meat balls are dipped in sweet dahi with panch phoron sprinkled over it – a pinch of red chilly powder, cinnamon, black mustard seeds, fenugreek and cumin. If you are a North India, it is the most popular street food you should try in Kolkata. If you are a foodie and already on a tour to India, book your last minute flights to Kolkata to savor the scrumptious food right at the streets!

Best places to eat: Burrabazar

Kathi Rolls

Though now famous all over the country, Kolkata is the birthplace of Kathi rolls. Available with different stuffing from egg, paneer to mutton and chicken, you can get irresistible Kathi rolls at several food joints in Kolkata. This street food can alone fill your tummy and satiate your taste buds.

Best places to eat: New Market’s Nizam Rolls, Park Street’s Hot Kathi Roll and College Street’s Kalika Mukhorochak.

Singara or Samosa

Samosa is famous all over India and in Kolkata it is known as Singara – a triangular fried snack filled with spicy mashed potatoes. It is the best evening snack ne craves to have with hot masala chai. In Kolkata, Singara is not confined to have only Aloo stuffing but also has variations with mutton, lamb and chicken stuffing.

Best Places to eat: Tiwari Brothers in Barabazar

Channar Jilipi

You know the sweet Indian snack Jalebi, Channar Jilipi is a different version of this delicious street food. It is made with cottage cheese and is thicker than the regular jalebi and has a texture of Gulab Jamun. So, you get the essence of two different sweets in one.

Best places to eat: College Street and Golpark

Aloo Kabli

If you go through a food guide of Kolkata somewhere, you will definitely know about Aloo Kabli. It is a quick potato snack – hot and spicy dish. When you want something rich in flavors, head to an aloo kabli stall in the streets of Kolkata. It is a street food prepared with chopped boiled potatoes tossed with tomatoes, onions, tamarind, spices, namkeen, chickpeas, chilies, etc.

Best place to eat: Kalika Mukhorochak at College Street


Called as Pakoras in Hindi, this fried snack is another evening brunch food especially on a rainy day. The snack is prepared with different ingredients like onions, potatoes, brinjal and even meat dipped in a batter of gram flour and deep fried in hot oil. It is another best combination food with tea (Chai).

Best place to eat: Kalika Mukhorochak at College Street

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