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Kids, teens, adults, who doesn’t love road trips! People make the most incredible memories when they head on a road trip with their friend and families. Whether you’re flying to the country on cheap flights to India or visiting a foreign destination, a road trip is the best way to explore beautiful, unseen new places. But a certain amount of planning must be done when preparing for a road trip. Here are a few top road trip tips to help you plan for that perfect road trip whether it be in your home country or if you’re flying to another place on cheap last minute flights.

  1. Make sure the bike or car in question is well-serviced

Whether you’re heading out on a bike or using a car, the most essential of road trip tips is to get the vehicle serviced before the ‘D-date.’ Inevitably, the roads in some areas won’t be as smooth as uninterrupted highways and this will take a toll on your vehicle. To minimize damage or to avoid it all together, it is an absolute must that you get at least one round of servicing done on your car or bike before heading out. Splash cash if you need to. Your vehicle deserves a little pampering before being driven incessantly across city/state borders.

  1. Carry necessary medicines and a barf bag

It’s an absolute must to carry an emergency medical kit that contains all the necessary medication you may or may not need. You don’t know how remote a certain area might be and hence the availability of medical stores won’t be there. So one of the top road trip tips is to always carry your medicine kit along. Hence, this is one of the most important road trip packing tips – take a barf bag as well in case you or your friends feel sick while on the road. Not only will they come in handy in case of an emergency but will protect your car interiors as well.

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  1. Pack healthy snacks for the road

One of the most vital long road trip essentials is healthy snacks. While it’s true that you can stop anytime and anywhere you feel like, there is no guarantee that you will always find good food. To keep hunger pangs at bay and to help avoid overeating at the next stop because of them, pack healthy in-between-meals snacks. This is not just one of the best road trip tips, but a good lifestyle change as well. Hence one of the best road trip packing tips when it comes to snacks is to carry along nuts, fruits, protein bars and other such healthy food. This is one of the best road trip tips when it comes to snacking while on the road.

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  1. Always use maps in offline mode

This is one of the best road trip tips especially if you wish to avoid ending up with an enormous phone bill. The best possible way is to download all the necessary maps before you leave and then refer to them later on while on offline mode. Maps are one of the most vital long road trip essentials and opting to use them this way will save you needless internet charges. Google maps allow you this type of freedom. Another one of the best road trip tips when using maps is that you can check rest stops and washrooms beforehand so that it’s easy for you to map your route.

  1. Make sure your playlist is updated

This is probably the most important of all the road trip tips as music and road trips go hand-in-hand. A match made in heaven, no road trip is complete without good music. People listen to music even when they’re flying business class flights to their intended destination. So wanting to hear good music while one is driving across scenic locales is but a natural need. Get songs on your playlist to match every mood and make sure there is Bluetooth or an aux cable in your car which will enable your companions to play songs from their playlist as well.

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