10 Actionable Tips on How to Avoid In-flight Theft



Sad it is that our belongings are not safe anywhere, not even while traveling by air. If you are not an avid traveler, you might not be aware by the act of stealing in flights. To your surprise, there are people who are out to steal your essentials while you are taking a nap in the flight.

We often think our things are safe on the plane but no friend; you need to be alert anywhere and everywhere, even on a plane. We would like to aware you about the growing trend of inflight-theft and how to avoid it.

Check out these actionable tips to avoid in-flight theft.

Keep an eye on anyone and everyone:

If you think having all the important belongings in your carry-on bag will keep it safe, you are again wrong. It is always wise to be on the safer side. Do not trust anyone but yourself to watch the bag you kept in the overhead bin. Your little carelessness can be an opportunity for a thief.

Stick a label on your bag:

If you have a common black backpack that thieves might easily claim to be theirs, stick a name label on the bag. You can also tie a scarf on the handle or simply add a key chain as a label. Thieves often tend to give an excuse of swapping the bag mistakenly. Keeping your bag labels can save you from being an easy target.

Have your bag in sight:

If you have kept your bag I the overhead bin, ensure it is in your sight. You should be able to see the carry-on luggage while sitting. For this, you need to ask the passenger on the other side of the aisle to switch places in the overhead bin. You can store your bag over his/her seat to keep it within your eyesight.

Keep it under the seat:

We don’t mean ‘under your seat’ but under the seat right in front of you. If you keep it under your seat, you won’t be able to see it. Always try having your belongings in front of your eyes as it allows you to keep a watch in case anyone tries in-flight theft. If you are drowsy, just keep a leg over the bag so that you are aware if it’s moved while you are sleeping.

Lock the bag:

If you can lock the bags you checked-in why not the carry-on luggage? Obviously, you won’t want to have items stolen from the carry-on luggage, right? It is always advised to keep your carry-on bags locked and have all the valuables inside the bag. The unlocked pockets are not a suitable place for your priced belongings.

Have all the valuables inside the bag:

As mentioned above, make in a point that all your valuables are kept inside the carry-on bag before you put a lock. If you have opened your watch before boating, keep it in the bag and not in your coat pockets. Everything should be kept inside pal.

Always keep it upside down:

While keeping the bag in the overhead bin, place it facing down so that thieves can’t access the zipper easily. If you are kind of a cynic, you can also think about having a warning sign on the bag – an alert for the thieves that they are being watched. A little filmy but tested indeed.

Try having an alarm:

If you are someone who sleeps while traveling, your belongings are in sheer danger. To make sure nothing wrong happens with your bag overhead while you take a nap, have an alarm inside the bag that will start beeping as soon as your bag is moved. It is a great idea for people traveling on long-haul flights. After all, you can’t stay awake for 20 hours straight!

Do not carry valuables along:

Theft in airline industry is getting normalized over time and it is not a good idea to take all your valuables with you, even the ones you don’t need on the trip. We would advise you to keep your valuables safe at home. This way you can enjoy your trip without worrying about theft.

Dress well:

This might seem you stupid but some thieves mark their targets judging their clothes for standard and lifestyle. Never flaunt with your clothes that you have valuables and money. The best way is to dress down fir the journey.

These are the 10 tried and tested tips on how to avoid in-flight theft. We hope your next flight journey is safe and stress free.

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