7 Popular Air Travel Myths that Need to be Busted!



Too many air travel myths have been floating around for a long time now causing nothing but confusion to even those that frequently fly. Even the fact that air travel is among the safest ways to get from one place to another doesn’t really stop people from getting nervous about flights. So to make things a bit clearer about air travel, we thought we could address a few of the most common air travel myths that have been plaguing travelers in recent times. We’ve shortlisted a few air travel FAQs we’d like to deliberate on below.

Biggest Myths about Air Travel:

Here are a couple of the most frequently floated around air travel myths that we thought we could clear up for you! Read and be assured air travel is safe. Just learn how to find cheap airfare and enjoy air travel like never before!

Myth no. 1: Cheap airlines are always cheap

This is one of the biggest air travel myths ever. While it may be true that some airlines offer airfares cheaper than the others, they aren’t always the cheapest option. Well, at least not every day and definitely not on every flight route. It’s always best to check a flight comparison site where you can gauge airline fares offered by different airlines. Also, check for airline connecting flights that may be cheaper. This way, you’ll be able to find the cheapest ticket for the route you wish to fly.

Myth no. 2: Last minute flights are always cheap

No, they aren’t cheap always. This could possibly have been true a couple of years ago. However, most airlines don’t need to entice passengers with last minute deals anymore to fill up empty middle seats no one really wants. You may have to shell out quite a bit if you wait to book at the very last moment. If not booking in advance, you can fly cheap on the day of a festival itself like Christmas or New Year. That being said, you can still find cheap last minute flight deals with some travel agencies.

Myth no. 3: Airlines will shell out vouchers for canceled flights

One of the top air travel myths is that airlines will offer vouchers if your flight is canceled. This is simply untrue. Different airlines have different policies and none of them are under any federal obligation to give out vouchers to passengers when a flight is canceled. Also, they won’t offer anything if the cancellation or delay isn’t their fault. Airlines charging ultra-cheap fares won’t offer anything. Others may opt to pay for a meal or phone call if requested to do so.

Myth no. 4: Carry-ons will always save you money

This is one of the trickiest air travel myths around. Carry-ons are definitely free on most flights. Notice how we say “most”? Some airlines have charges for all types of baggage, be it checked or carry-on. So when you’re scouting for flights, economy or business class flights, make sure to check the baggage policy of the airline you are booking with. However, it’s a good idea to generally bring only a carry-on that you can take along on the plane. The luggage you carry with you is the one least likely to be misplaced by the airline.

Myth no. 5: Freedom of speech is part of your air travel rights

No, no, and just no. This is among the biggest air travel myths out there. You cannot expect to say something offensive at will and expect the airline not to take an action. Passengers have been deplaned over the last years for wearing clothing with offensive phrases, picking fights, starting political arguments, racial slurs, and a whole lot of other unruly behavior. Most people just wish to travel from A to B without hassle. So it’s best to keep your opinion to yourself and get through the flight in peace.

Myth no. 6: Turbulence is a sign the plane will crash

One of the air travel myths thrown around a lot is that turbulence is a sign the airplane is going to crash. This is among the top air travel FAQs and it simply isn’t true. Pilots assure that a plane cannot be thrown into a tailspin, turned upside-down, or hurled from the sky by the strongest air pocket or even a mighty gust of wind. It’s one of the air travel myths you just have to stop believing. Turbulence may be uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean the plane is going down.

Myth no. 7: The airplane door can be opened mid-flight

This is among the most common air travel myths. Regardless of where you’re flying on cheap international flight tickets, this is the one thing you don’t have to worry about. The airplane door stays shut no matter who tries to open it mid-air. Owing to the shape of the door, the pressure inside and outside of the airplane, and a whole lot of mechanical stuff we don’t really get, the door stays shut. However, some addled passengers have still tried to get it open on an occasion or two. This kind of behavior is generally blamed on over drinking, drugs, or panic attacks among other things.

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