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Want to visit France but the tickets to Paris are quite high or what if you are an American and can’t find enough time for a vacation to experience the French community? How about experience France in America? Yes, it is possible – just go find French America! To your surprise (for non-Americans and Americans), there are various neighborhoods, cities and attractions in America having a French flair.

You will find several French cities in America, all you need is a proper guide to plan your tour and this is what makes us write this post for you. You can visit an amazing gothic Cathedral in a city and sip some café au lait in a neighboring town. The fresh produced cheeses in the outdoor market will straight away take you to the cheesy streets of France and you can’t stop praising the delicious French Cuisine.

Who would want to miss out on the array of boutiques and shops with French owners! You can even allure the admirable Eiffel Tower and try the most delicious samples of wines hopping on from one winery to another. Feels to be in France, right? Well, you didn’t even step out of United States.

Let us talk about the French states in USA spread in all directions. Stay glued with us.

The South

South America is home to one of the cities having most French influence in America – New Orleans. Founded by a French man, it still maintains the atmosphere, attitude and food of France in various little ways. The Cajuns still communicate in French. When in the city, ensure to get involved in some of the French activities like said above, sip in the café au lait at Café Du Monde.

You can find the finest French food in New Orleans and the architecture of the city and its restaurants is praise worthy. If you always wanted to visit the great jazz festivals during summer in France, the opportunity is right here in New Orleans.

Go to Florida’s Epcot France in the south, visit the French buildings and gaze at the Eiffel Tower. Get your hands on the French Pastry and slurp some tasty wine. If you are a shopping freak by any chance, it is your time to buy some French perfume, cookbooks and imported gifts for your loved ones back home. Book your last minute flights now and start the travel expeditions of 2019 from United States.

Southwest and Western US

Here comes another surprise for you, scale the Eiffel Tower, nibble scrumptious croissants and spot the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas. Yes, you read it rights – It’s Las Vegas! Do not forget to dine in the gourmet restaurant at the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino.

Reach Los Angeles and stay in a hotel designed with ornate column sin pure French style, the Chateau Marmont in Sunset Boulevard. You can even get a chance to meet famous celebrities here. Another French city in America is San Francisco where you will find several popular French cafes and restaurants along with an amazing Alliance Francaise.

Go to Portland if you are a Francophile at heart. The fabulous French Spa therapies, fancy markets and delicious French cuisine will surely feel satisfying.


In the Midwest, there are several French cities in Wisconsin and you can even go on a small tour of the cheese factory. Could there be anything more French than tasting the varieties of cheese for free! If you are lucky enough, you can also land up enjoying a cheese festival.

There’s a town in the neighborhood featuring the French Square and some historic properties, the one which was once a temporary home of Marquis de Lafayette. What town is it? Gallipolis, Ohio.

Coming to another famous American city which is more French in characteristics, Chicago offers some of the famous dishes of France and also the Alliance Francaise. You will find the city having statues and fountains and street sculptures everywhere around. You will feel like being in Paris as you walk down the bridge over the flowing river.

Eastern U.S.

Pay a visit to the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. which is one of the most stunning French cathedrals. Stop by the National Art Gallery and find a wonderful collection of French Impressionist Art after having lunch at the finest French restaurants in the area.

As we talk about French cities in the United States, we can’t overlook the percent of Americans who speak French in the country. Philadelphia is one such city in the United States which has a good number when it comes to making a count. It also has some popular French attractions like the peaceful Rittenhouse Square – the Central Park being the most relaxing place to sit and read a book or just eat a baguette in tranquility. If you are in D.C. for some work related purpose, trust us you won’t regret booking those business class flights once you explore this side of the city.

The city has two fantastic food markets and various dining options when it comes to find a delicious rescue for a foodie.

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