7 Best Beach Bars in America to a Enjoy Drink at!



So what’s special about the best beach bars in America, you may ask? Well, plenty of things are special about the beach bars in USA. For one, you have an incredible choice in terms of drinks. Also, what could be better than unwinding at the beach with a delicious drink in hand! Whether you’re on vacation or are lucky enough to live nearby the beach, the best beach bars in America are a must-try. Sure you can take your own booze to the beach. But there’s something ecstatically fun about being served a heady mixture by a bartender who really knows what he’s doing. All that’s left for you to do is watch the waves crash into the shore and recede away again.

You don’t have to try to find the best beach bars Caribbean has to offer. There are ample of them right here in the US. But since there are so many best beach bars in America, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones to help you decide where to begin. Check them out below.

Top Beach Bars in the US:

Pick from the best beach bars in America listed below depending on our likes and preferences. Get on some last minute flights in case you cannot book them in advance for a trip. Relax and unwind as you enjoy an awesome drink at one of the many best beach bars in America!

  1. Sand Bar

Naples, Florida

Featuring spellbinding views of the ocean, Sand Bar is among the most amazing beach bars you can visit in the United States. Located within the premises of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, it’s barely a short hop from the beach. One of the best beach bars in Florida, it offers you a small but classy menu. Besides food option, the beach bar serves wine as well as beer among other alcoholic drinks. There are wide cocktail options as well. It’s among the best family vacation spots in the US. You can enjoy the bar while your kids play in the sand.

  1. Duke’s

Lahaina, Hawaii

Christened after Duke Kahanamoku, the very popular Hawaiian swimmer, this is the best beach retreat to kick your feet up in! If you think Duke’s is one of the fanciest beach bar names, just wait until you hear the names of some of the cocktails served here – ‘Ocean Mile’ or ‘Dig Me Daiquiri’ anyone? Enjoy mouthfuls of these delicious tropical delights while gazing out at the water under the starlit sky. Owing to its romantic ambiance, Duke’s is one of the best beach bars in America for couples.

  1. WannaWanna

South Padre Island, Texas

Texans know their drinks. So if you happen to be in this part of the American south, head over to the WannaWanna beach bar on South Padre Island. One of the best beach bars in America, it offers signature drinks apart from the usual popular choices. There’s also a bevy of seafood dishes such as fried shrimps or ceviche to go with the drinks. So let your hair down and enjoy a tall glass of margarita or whatever else you’d like to.

  1. The Dock

Chicago, Illinois

The beauty of this beach bar lies in the fact that Chicago isn’t your typical beach town. Its location on the banks of the scenic Lake Michigan is among the top things that make The Dock one of the best beach bars in the world and not just America. A spectacular beach paradise, the place is so popular that you will find it teeming with crowds even on a busy working day. Think live music to go with that absolutely finger-licking delicious plate of food and drink.

  1. Flora-Bama Lounge & Oyster Bar

Orange Beach, Alabama/Florida
This is among the best beach bars in America to visit when arriving in the country on business class flights. The unique thing about this place is that it falls on the common line of two states. The place is more than just your ordinary beach bar. You will see a flurry of locals, sailors, bikers and a lot of other people in and around the place. There’s also a mullet-toss competition held here to gauge who can fling a fish the farthest. Talk about weekend entertainment!

  1. The Kraken

Cardiff, California

Well if you were expecting The Kraken to be anything like the mythical creature it’s named after, you’d be quite right. Among the best beach bars in America, The Kraken is wild, free, loud, and ecstatic like its namesake. More akin to a rock bar than a beach one, frequent visitors include musicians, bikers, and surfers besides tourists. You’ll also find a lot of heavy drinkers visiting as well. It’s a great place for those who wish to experience a beach bar without much having to do with the beach.

  1. The Sloppy Tuna

Montauk, New York

There is no way New York has nothing to offer when it comes to the best beach bars in America. Placed right on the beach, The Sloppy Tuna offers beach lovers a chance to enjoy the glorious azure waters of the beach with a drink in hand. Apart from a wide choice of drinks, the menu features everyday specials. Pick from the easy eats whatever you’d like to enjoy while downing your drink. Do visit this spectacular bar when flying in on cheap flights to USA from India or elsewhere in the world.

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