6 Top Tips to Know the Cheapest Way to Travel in India!



Then this one’s just for you! In fact, there is more than just one cheapest way to travel in India. Replete with stunning natural beauty, a diverse cuisine, and mouthwatering food items among several other things, the remarkable land of India is on the bucket list of avid travelers around the world. But while India is relatively a cheap travel destination, many still wonder how to travel free in India. This is because traveling in posh cosmopolitan cities may prove to be costlier than rural tourism. But there are many different ways to travel in India and more than one can prove to be the best and cheapest way to travel in India. Keep reading to know what these are and vacation in India like a pro!


Tips on how to travel cheap in India:


If you’re wondering how to travel with less money in India, then you’ve come to the right place. There are several cheap holiday packages in India you can check out online. You can also scout for cheap solo travel packages in India with prices. Besides that, there are a few things you can do that will make your India trip a whole lot cheaper. We’ve listed some of the most important tips you can follow and save while on a trip to India. Check the list below and use them to enjoy the cheapest way to travel in India.


  1. Make smart flight choices


Trying to find cheap flights is among the top things to do when planning a trip anywhere and not just to India. The best way to save is to book them a couple of months in advance of your trip. You’ll find them at cheaper rates and if you book for a round trip, the cost will be a lot more reasonable. You can also find cheap last minute flights with travel websites such as Indian Eagle. Also, try to make your bookings for traveling during offseason as this is the cheapest time to travel to India.


  1. Budget accommodation


From hostels for backpackers to economic guest houses, there are several cheap places to stay in India. Find a cheap place to stay depending upon your trip type and travel plans. For instance, if you’re looking at cheap student trips India has to offer, you can stay at cheap hostels for backpackers and solo travelers. Dharamshalas and budget hotels are also great choices since you’ll be eating out and sightseeing most of the time and will mostly need a place only to rest at night. You will find this the most convenient and cheapest way to travel in India.


  1. Grab family deals


When looking for the cheapest way to travel in India, a good thing to do is to keep an eye on family deals. This will come in handy when booking tour packages as those meant for groups will come cheaper than the ones meant for solo travelers. Also, you will find that it’s much easier to get a concession and great bargain deals when traveling in a group. So if you book your travel in a group, you will be able to save more and can even plan for a 3 days trip in India.


  1. Try using public transport


One of the simplest ways to save while traveling in India is to use public transport. While it may take a bit of getting used to the noise and crowd that comes with it, you will adjust easily soon and find it is the cheapest way to travel in India. Once you start using local buses or trains to get around, you will be amazed to see the fare difference. Auto Rickshaws are a good option as well but they will be costlier than buses and trains. Alternatively, you can always book a cab or rent a car in case you aren’t comfortable with the public transport option.


  1. Eat street food


You may not have wanted to compromise on your mode of travel and have booked business class flights for a comfortable journey. No worries, you can still save quite a bit in India. Eating street food is also the cheapest way to travel in India. You will find several delicious options and need not splurge on dining in costly restaurants. For instance, if you’re traveling in Mumbai, you can try the absolutely delicious Vada pav which is the signature street food item in the city. Other places have their own specialties you can try out. Just keep in mind to check that the food served is fresh and has been made in hygienic conditions.


  1. Shop at local markets


When traveling in India, or elsewhere for that matter, travelers will undoubtedly want to pick up gifts and souvenirs for loved ones back home. India has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. There are awesome ethnic wear collections, stunning handicrafts, inexpensive jewelry, as well as electronic items among other things which you can buy here. Head over to the street markets which is where you will find them at the cheapest prices. There isn’t really a fixed rate for anything so bargain hard for a good deal.


Use these incredible tips and save as much as you can on your trip to India. This is the cheapest way to travel in India and have the best trip yet! From budget trips in South India to hill stations in the North, there are scores of places you can visit without it being a burden on your wallet. So wait no longer and book cheap flights for a trip to this incredible country!

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