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If you’re on the lookout for top cheap eats in New York City, this one’s just for you! There are scores of best places to eat in NYC on a budget. In fact, the city is quite famous for its cheap eats and to dine on just a dime here has been a thing for ages now. From cheap pizzas and bargain dumplings to classic deli sandwiches, you will find all sorts of reasonable food options in NYC. This is among the best news for travelers to the city on a tight budget.


 Try these best cheap eats in NYC:


Dining at high-end and best restaurants in NYC is not something every traveler can afford to do. However, you only need a couple of bucks to taste the best food in NYC. There are several best places to eat in Manhattan as well as other NYC boroughs. Check out our list of the best places to eat in NYC on a budget and head there the next time you travel to the city. This list will come in handy especially if you’re on a last minute trip to NYC without the time to shape a good itinerary. Additionally, there are some really good places to eat in Seattle as well.


  1. Arepa Lady


You will find scores of women hawking delicious arepas at Roosevelt Avenue but there can be only one official and true Arepa Lady. Having amassed a massive following owing to the taste of her arepas, Maria Cano is Columbia-born and dishes out some of the most delicious arepas ever. She’s transformed into mortar-and-brick her former sidewalk cart and visitors can now enjoy the cheapest yet most delicious corn cakes, grilled potatoes, chorizos, and shish kebabs among other things.


  1. Shake Shack


For burger lovers, this is one of the places you must eat in NYC at any cost! Must-try items include beef patties, frozen custard, and unbelievably delicious crinkle fries. A popular pit stop after museum visits, expect large crowds since this is one of the most famous places to eat in NYC. However, service is very good here and the line moves fairly quickly. Their shakes are incredibly popular as well and taste just like ice cream! This is one such place that kids and adults enjoy alike.


  1. Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings


While many people won’t compromise on the comforts of business class travel, not many will want to spend needless exorbitant amounts on food either. Dumplings are the way to go when travelers (or anyone else, for that matter) wish to pinch pennies. Operated by sisters Maria and Hannah Cheng, this quaint den in East Village serves some of the best dumplings ever. Made using recipes that have been passed down for generations, you can enjoy an incredibly delicious filling which includes mushrooms, bok choy, zucchini, kale, chicken, and eggs among other things.


  1. Bunker


This is one of the best places to eat in NYC on a budget for those who love Vietnamese food. Bring the very essence of Hanoi to New York with delicious Vietnamese dishes are brothers Jacky and Jimmy Tu. Try without fail their pickled daikon packed with powerful flavors and incredibly delicious baguette. Their bánh mì, which is house-smoked, will take you on a culinary journey like no other. This is among the best places in New York City for Asian food lovers to check out.


  1. Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery


One of the most popular and best places to eat in NYC on a budget, Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery was born from the humble pushcart of the namesake Rabbi. A brick oven in the basement is used to bake the incredibly soft, super delicious knishes which are then sent up using a dumbwaiter. The savory nosh filled with cheese served here is one of the best things you will ever taste. You can add coleslaw and pickle to make it a meal. You can also get a delicious rickey to help wash it all down.


  1. Mighty Quinn’s


No one expected the small but popular Smorgasburg stand to become one of the most imposing barbecue empires in NYC. In fact, the place has become so popular that it’s encroached into the depths of even New Jersey. Expect to enjoy mouthwatering slow-cooked meats, delicious spare ribs, and briskets rubbed with paprika among other things. Side dishes such as sweet potato casseroles dripping with maple syrup or delicious baked beans are equally spectacular. This is the place to be for barbecue lovers.


  1. Earl’s Beer and Cheese


Beer and cheese – what could be a better combination! This small but awesome eatery is one of the best places to eat in NYC on a budget. Sandwich choices include interesting yogurt-focused combos such as gorgonzola-fig-and-ginger preserve or fried egg on sourdough. There’s also a combo of New York cheddar with kimchi, and pork belly you must try for sure. Visit as many of the above-mentioned places as you can when arriving in NYC on cheap flights for a vacation.

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