Did You Know About the Floating Post Office in India? Visit This Unique Wonder in Srinagar!



Even frequent travelers to the country remain unaware of the incredible floating post office in India. However, a lot of interest has been generated over the recent years – thanks to social media – about this unique post office floating on the Dal Lake in Srinagar. The “floating post office in which lake” query is among the top ones now. More and more travelers are asking “where can you find India’s only floating post office which is situated on a lake.” We’re here to give you some details about this unique floating post office in India. Check out our brief about this remarkable wonder below and plan a trip to India as soon as you can! The incredible and beautiful place can be visited by couples, friends, and families alike.

On which lake is the floating post office in India located?

Srinagar is one of the must-visit tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir State of India. Among Srinagar’s top attractions is the pristine Dal Lake, known for its beauty, ideal location between towering mountains, and serene ambiance. The floating post office in India can be found on this gorgeous Dal Lake standing on a massive houseboat. This unique post office is now an integral part of the tourist itinerary to Srinagar. Try to visit this spectacular place even if booking last minute flights to India for a work trip.

A brief history of India’s only floating post office

You may have seen lush green forests, ancient forts, stunning temples, and vast deserts in India among other things. But did you ever think you will one day be able to visit a floating post office in India? Actually a historical landmark, this peculiar attraction has existed right since the British era. It used to be called Nehru Park Post Office until the year 2011 when John Samuel, the incumbent Chief Postmaster took the initiative to rechristen it as the “floating post office in India.” It was officially inaugurated in 2011 by the then Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah along with Sachin Pilot, Union Minister of State for Communication and IT. In addition to the post office, the houseboat also has a philately museum that tells of the history of the floating post office.

The floating post office in India seal

According to the postmaster and his associates, several tourists staying on houseboats row their way to the floating post office to send postcards back home. Anything posted from here bears a unique seal – a boatman rowing a typical shikara on the gorgeous Dal Lake. This is, of course, in addition to the date and address details. The one-of-its-kind seal is a unique souvenir to cherish. Isn’t this among the most amazing floating post office facts ever!

Services provided by the floating post office in India

The floating post office in India is a fully functional active post office. It provides all the services offered at other, normal, post offices across India. In addition to postal services, it also offers international calls services as well as banking and internet facilities. Thereby, not only the locals but even tourists visiting the region on business class flights visit the post office to send postcards or make international calls back home. Postcards sent from here contain stunning images of the Dal Lake and other Srinagar attractions.

Philately Museum at Dal Lake floating post office

The floating post office houseboat has two rooms. While one of the rooms is used for postal services, the other encompasses a museum. It traces and explains the philatelic history of this unique attraction. Visitors can learn about the fascinating history about the floating post office in India as well as look through a collection of some amazing postage stamps. The place is an absolute paradise for ardent stamp collectors!

More than just another post office for the locals

While the floating post office in India may be a source of endless fascination for tourists arriving on cheap flights to India, it means much more to the locals. The islets on the Dal Lake are home to more than 50,000 people. This is the nearest place for most of the residents to come for their postal work. They come here to deposit their savings as well. Hasn’t this been a fascinating thing to learn about? Well then, book your flights and visit now!

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