Top 8 Hiking Tips and Tricks to Prepare for a Hiking Trip!



If you enjoy moving at a comfortable pace across spectacular trails, through colorful landscapes, and on the way to fascinating destinations, then hiking is for you. But if you’ve never done it, we have some top hiking tips and tricks to help you plan that perfect hiking trip. Follow these hiking tips and become a pro at the exciting sport! Hike once and you’ll definitely want to do it again. The thrill of traversing challenging albeit picturesque landscapes is unmatchable and one that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime!

Best hiking and backpacking tips and tricks:

Hiking for the very first time can be a bit overwhelming for many travelers and they end up making blunders that mar their first hike. They either pack heavy backpacks, forget to carry essentials, or get on the wrong trail. We offer some of the best hiking tips and tricks to help you avoid making these common mistakes.

  1. What is your hiking trip style?

This is the foremost important hiking tips for beginners. Should you hike alone or in a group? Do you prefer to camp out at night in a Himalayan jungle or would you rather hike the Rockies? Would you like to set across dream treks in India? Do you wish to jump from town to town in Europe and stop at local cafes and dine with the locals? Once you set this straight, you can plan out the rest of your trip.

  1. Choose a suitable trip

One of the top hiking tips and tricks is to zero in on the best trip for you. Once you’ve decided what type of trip you want, select the trip you wish to take. Contact tours and travel companies that offer various types of trips and choose one that’s best for you. For instance, if you’re boarding last minute flights and heading to Europe, there are certain trips where a car will pick you up if you cannot or decide not to walk any further.

  1. Train before you head out

You need to be fit enough to make the hike. Train your body well ahead of the trip to ensure you are at the prime of your health when you make the hiking trip. Different types of trips require different types of fitness levels. Do depending on your trip time and conditions, assess and train your body likewise. This is among the best short and long hiking tips ever.

  1. Get the right hiking gear

One of the best night or day hiking tips and tricks is to pick the right hiking gear. Choose your hiking gear – clothes, footwear, rainwear etc. – depending on the type of trail you will hike. If you’re heading out to mountainous terrain, you will require additional hiking gear than if you simply went for a short hike in a fairly open forest. So choose your gear well when booking economy or business class flights for a hiking trip and minimize discomfort.

  1. Choose the right backpack

Picking the perfect backpack is one of the most important hiking tips and tricks as you will need to carry it for the entire hike. Get one that offers good support to your shoulders and back. This will ensure you are comfortable carrying it around and don’t feel much sore afterward. Go a step further and practice carrying it for short walks prior to your trip. You will be better prepared this way.

  1. Pack super light

Hiking is not easy and carry a heavy backpack will only add to the burden. Experienced hikers will tell you one of the ultralight backpacking tips and tricks is to pack as light as possible. Go easy on your back and start by packing only the essentials first. This should include important documents, a couple of clothes, a medicine-cum-first aid kit, rainwear, few light snacks, and spare hiking shoes. This is one of the best hiking packing tips anyone can give you.

  1. Food and drinks

Ideally, it’s recommended that you take 200-300 calories of food and about half a liter of water per hour when you hike. But this may vary from one hiker to the other as there are several determining factors such as age, sweat rate, health, body type, and the climate. So it’s always better to carry a bit extra when it comes to food and water while hiking. As you gain more hiking experience, you will get a better idea about this for future hikes. This is one of the best hiking tips food wise.

  1. Proper trail etiquettes

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or an amateur, it’s important to maintain proper trail etiquettes. Being respectful to nature and fellow hikers is among the most important hiking tips and tricks ever. Follow certain vital trail etiquettes listed below to have a safe, enjoyable, and memorable trek.

  • Always be well-prepared for a hike.
  • Camp on surfaces that are durable.
  • Campfire impact should be kept to a minimum.
  • Leave anything you find in its place.
  • Dispose waste responsibly.
  • Be respectful to wildlife and nature.
  • Be considerate of fellow hikers and other visitors.

With the above-listed hiking tips and tricks in mind, you can have the best and most enjoyable hiking trip ever. Pick the best destination for you, book cheap flights, and be on your way!

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