Escape the Blistering Summer to these Marvelous Hill Stations in India



India’s hill stations were developed during the British rule as a way to break away from the scorching heat in the low-lying areas of the country. As the oppressive summer season begins, most places turn unbearably hot and humid but the hill stations in India remain at serene temperatures. 

Imagine scenic mountains with sparkling lakes and the mellow breeze whistling through the trees. This is what awaits you at these immaculate hilly retreats. The hill stations in India are popular for those looking for respite from the heat. While the most famous ones get crowded, this list of the best hill stations in India focuses on the least crowded places.  

Ranikhet: The Queen’s Meadow  

This hill station in India is a perfect reflection of the country’s rich culture and heritage. A real treat for your senses, Ranikhet houses lush green hilly terrains with salubrious weather throughout the year. This captivating hill station is dotted with fruit orchards with the Himalayas standing as a stunning backdrop. 

Local lore states that Queen Padmini from Kumaon was left astounded by the heavenly beauty of this hilly paradise. King Sudhardev showed his love for his Queen by building her a palace and naming the place Ranikhet (The Queen’s Meadow). Sadly, there is no trace of this palace but Ranikhet’s beauty is unparalleled.  

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Tawang: The Perfect Blend of Nature and Spirituality 

This hill station in India situated in the Northwestern part of Arunachal Pradesh is truly breathtaking. Dotted with cascading waterfalls, rich valleys and misty rivers, Tawang is an enviable beauty. The heritage of this place mixed with its magnificent nature is bound to imprint lifelong memories. Tawang is also home to the second oldest Buddist monastery in the world. 

Stroll through the thick forest groves and explore the hidden beauty of the Nuranang Waterfalls. Soak in Tawang’s charm and travel to the snow-clad Sela Pass, a popular spot among tourists. You will be welcomed by Paradise Lake, a pristine water body surrounded by mountainous ranges. Remember to pause for a moment and experience what it feels like to breathe in unadulterated air.    

Wilson Hills: Rendezvous with Nature’s Finest Work  

This is the smallest hill station in Gujarat enveloped in densely forested areas that will leave you spellbound. It is also one of the few hill stations in India that give you a view of the sea. With mist covered hills and prolific vegetation, Wilson Hills is a stunner but an uncommon tourist spot. 

Wilson Hills was named after the former governor of Mumbai, Lord Wilson. A hike to the top of Wilson Hill is a perfect way to test your endurance and see the memorial dedicated to Lord Wilson. This hilly paradise exudes an invigorating ambience and pleasant weather throughout the year making it one of the best hill stations in India.

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Horsley Hill: Visit the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh   

This magnificent hill station on the Southwestern border of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh stands at an elevation of 4,100 feet. Situated in Chittoor District, Horsley Hill is rich in biodiversity with flourishing flora. Fog hangs over the lush green hills as a rejuvenating climate looms the area. 

Named after W.D. Horsley, an English Officer from the British rule, this hill station houses the oldest Eucalyptus tree and the largest Banyan Tree. The thick verdure plays host to over 113 species of birds. This picture-perfect hamlet is also a hub for adventure sports like rappelling and wall climbing.  

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Yercaud: Serenity Awaits You

Perched at 4,970 feet above sea level, this immaculate hill station is located in the Salem District of Tamil Nadu. Its stupendous beauty and sedating ambiance attracts scores of tourists during the summer months. Yercaud is the Tamil word for Lake Forest and its lakes are truly a surreal view. The emerald waters of the Yercaud Lake add to the verdant greenery around.  

The forest groves are home to some exquisite wildlife like snakes and foxes. For nature lovers, this hill station in India is truly a haven of exquisiteness. Its striking scenic beauty comes from the abundance of coffee plantations whose powerful aroma fills the clean air. 

These magnificent hill stations in India are a treat for all your senses as you embark on this enchanting adventure away from the heat. Aren’t you excited to be a part of nature and escape the monotony of your daily schedule? Then book last minute flights to India with the help of Indian Eagle.

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