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Have you got any plans to visit the capital city of India, New Delhi? If so, you have chosen the right place to explore. Visiting Delhi is an experience you will never forget. However, choose the right time to explore the lanes of Purani Delhi and it would be real fun to unleash the beauty of the city like a local.

Read on to know how to live like a local in Delhi.

Where to chill with friends?

If you have some friends in the city or your group has planned the trip together, it is your chance to have the best of New Delhi. Chilling out with friends at the new eateries and food joints in the streets will allow you taste the perfect food scene of the capital. It will be all the more fun if you guys are true foodies. Make a list of the popular eateries in both Old and New Delhi and make sure you mark all them ‘done’ by the end of the trip. Do visit Big Chill, one of the favorites of Italian cuisine and dessert lovers.

What’s on for the weekend?

First of all, try executing your travel plans to Delhi during winters. If you can’t wait till winters, better book last minute flights to the capital this month. The climate is still pleasant and the best season to see Delhi. On winter weekends, going out for picnic lunch in the beautiful Lodi Gardens is a great escape from the hustle bustle of populated city. Stop by the take-away food counters at Khan Market which is a short walk from Lodi Gardens. Take your time and cover Khan Chacha’s delicious rolls a day and Amici’s pizza on the other. Do not forget the Thai curries at Sidewok. In the evening, watch a performance or play at Habitat World or Kamani Auditorium.

What are New Delhi nights for?

To all the music lovers and party freaks, Piano Man Jazz Club would be your love for life. If you love classic music and gigs entertain you the best, check out this place. Delhi nights are full of thrill and entertainment throughout the week. You need not wait for weekends to enjoy a performance or sing and dance your heart out with your happening group. Enjoy drinks and quick munchies before you hit the floor. They have some cocktails that will get you into the mood faster. Remember one of the things to be careful in Delhi – stick with your group.

What are the places of cheap eats in Delhi?

The top sellers of cheap but mouth-watering street food are settled in the lively marketplaces and compact alleys of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad). The place is cat walking distance from the famous landmark in Old Delhi, Jama Masjid. Dine in at Moti Mhal in Darya Ganj – a restaurant given the honor of being the birth place of butter chicken. You can have a complete North Indian meal without emptying your pockets. For breakfast, reach Connaught Place’s (CP) Hotel Saravana Bhavan. Take a stroll along the book stores and art galleries. If you are a history buff, visit the Heritage Charkha Museum.

What do you must know while exploring Delhi?

One of the tips for living in Delhi like a local is to master the art of bargaining (negotiation). Make sure no rickshaw or cab driver can take you a place you didn’t ask for. In the street markets in Sarojini Nagar (SN Market), Chandni Chowk and Connaught Place, bargain as if it is the last shop you can get that dress in. The vendors put a price at least 3 times higher than the actual worth of the product. So, if you don’t want to get looted by the street hawkers and vendors, BARGAIN.

Another important thing to keep in mind while traveling in the capital city, especially for females is that they should try avoiding roaming around alone late night. We don’t want to scare you or generalize things but New Delhi is an alleged high-crime city in India. If you are in a group, you need not worry.

Where can you de-stress in the city?

If you want to escape into a peaceful place away from the chaotic city of Delhi, step into Puppychino, the first dog café in the city. Situated at a short distance from Siri Fort Auditorium in Shahpur Jat village, Puppychino has a perfect space to chill and hangout. There are excitable canines under a trainer. If you are a dog lover, you will just fall in love with it. Being around animals will connect you with the inner happiness you thought was lost. Enjoy the company of the dogs wagging their tails around while you much the delicious snacks at the café.

This was Delhi for you, visit soon.

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