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Looking for a road trip in India? Be it a long road trip or a short road trip, road trips are perfect for embarking on a journey that is filled with 100% pure excitement and fun. India prides itself for being home to numerous popular road circuits of the likes of Manali-Leh and Mumbai-Goa that are used by millions of travelers who are fond of road trips. Here’s our take on the most beautiful road trips in India.

In a country like India, road trips are generally performed using motorbikes or private cars as the mode of transport, but advanced countries like America and England are one step ahead in time and it’s quite common to find families using another mode of transport for road trips known as Recreational Vehicles (abbreviated as RV).  Typically a RV is a motor vehicle that is equipped with living quarters with facilities for on-board travelers to sleep, cook and even bathe during the drives.

Our top pick for epic road trips in India are outline below.

Manali-Leh road trip

The Manali-Leh road trip is one of most-coveted road trips in India by adventure lovers. The long road trip involves traveling 474 km along the Manali-Leh highway that takes you through the winding roads of the Himalayas and the drive by itself forms the most thrilling part of your trip. Just a word of caution the Manali-Leh circuit can be dangerous because it involves traversing some dangerous mountain passes of the likes of Taglang La and Rohtang La where you will be passing through a series of hairpin blends at extreme altitudes.

Distance: 474 km

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Mumbai-Pune road trip

The Mumbai-Pune road trip is a short road trip and is ideal for Mumbaikars to take a weekend escape from the chaotic city life. The road trip can be traveled in just 3 hour time using the newly built Mumbai-Pune six-lane expressway but a point to keep in mind is the expressway can only be used by private cars and bikes are restricted from using it. The ride lets you catch breathtaking views of the Sahayadri mountain ranges as you pass by them. The best part about this short road trip is you could comfortably wrap up the weekend holiday in just 1 day.

Distance: 148 km

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Mumbai-Goa road trip

The Mumbai-Goa road trip is probably the most popular one taken by travelers of all the road trips in India. Goa being a picturesque destination with pretty beaches, thriving nightlife and awesome food cuisine nothing stops people from hitting the roads that lead to Goa. There are two popular routes for Mumbai-Goa road trips:

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1. Mumbai-Pune Expressway via NH4

This route is exclusively meant for private cars. Starts on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, going all the way up to Pune and from there travelers must use the NH4 Highway to pass through places like Satara, Kohlapur and Belgaum before finally reaching Goa.

Distance: 599 km

2. Mumbai-Pune Highway via NH17

This route is for bikers. Starts on the Mumbai-Pune highway, going all the way up to Panvel and from there travelers must use the NH17 highway to pass through places like Chiplun and Sawantwadi before finally reaching Goa. The Mumbai Goa route via NH17 will take you through narrow and winding roads of the Western Ghats and is slightly dangerous to traverse.

Distance: 577 km

Puri-Konark road trip

The Puri-Konark road trip is the sweetest of all the road trips and is perfect getting breathtaking views of Odisha’s countryside. The Puri-Konark Highway is a 52 km stretch that is popularly used by travelers wishing to tour Konark’s Sun Temple. The highlight of the Puri-Konark Highway is at one point it runs parallel to the sea and driving past it can be the most thrilling part of the drive.

Distance: 52 km

Hope our travel guide to some of the most beautiful road trips in India has captivated your interest in getting a road trip planned sooner or later. Indian Eagle is your gateway to find the cheap flights to India.

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