8 Most Hipster Cities in the US to Visit for an Offbeat Vacation!



Are you a hipster looking to take an offbeat vacation? Enter the most hipster cities in the US! If you’re sick of popular attractions, obscenely overpriced restaurants, and $500 hotel rooms, these hip US cities are tailor-made for you. Offering unique travel experiences, these offbeat albeit hip cities in USA are giving popular destinations such as Los Angeles and New York a desperate run for their money and making them seem like the least hipster cities in America! There are several up and coming hipster cities to explore in the US as well. For now, let’s take a good long look at some of the most hipster cities in the US you can visit on your next vacation.

Top Hipster Cities in USA to Visit:

Is Salt Lake City hipster? What about hipster Portland US? We’ll tell you in a bit. Before you decide to board last minute flights and make an impromptu trip to one of these places, learn a bit about them. Cast a keen eye over our list of the most hipster cities in the US below. Pick a destination you like the most before making travel plans.

  1. Portland, Oregon

Fancy a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts? It’s not as ominous as it sounds. Actually, it’s a vodka distillery-cum-doughnut store. Offbeat stuff like this makes hipster Portland US one of the best cities to explore. It’s the #1 hipster city on many lists and not just ours! Well, if Keep Portland weird is the official slogan, you can pretty much expect the city to be quirky-personified. There are microbreweries, vegan food joints, as well as a multitude of parks and shops to explore.

  1. Austin, Texas

One of the most hipster cities in the US is Austin, another city that celebrates its quirky components. A breath of fresh air, Austin is a starkly different than other Texas cities. Where else will you get to see actual cowboys heading to a business meeting while fashionable youngsters roll down to the Texas University campus! Expect to run into music performances at every other corner, food trucks whipping up the most delicious Texas dishes, and unique coffee shops that offer specialty drinks you’ll never have heard of before.

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is considered one of the best places to live in the US for people of the LGBTQ community. A lot of travelers belonging to this community book business class flights to explore Salt Lake City. While that’s one side of it, this is also among the most hipster cities in the US to visit. You will find cool microbreweries, off-the-wall restaurants, vegan stores, and a lot more in the city. Avid hikers can explore some of the several awesome hiking trails in the region.

  1. Seattle, Washington

The hypnotic 90’s grunge has long left Seattle. You will now find a fresh breed of modern hipsters rocking their thing in the city. While its home to several unique museums, food trucks, and other hipster-esque attractions, Seattle is also a remarkable music Mecca. At the EMP Museum, there are scores of artifacts belonging to legendary personalities like Jimi Hendrix. The museum also houses costumes that featured in the original Star Wars series. Tempted to take the trip to Seattle yet?

  1. Boise, Idaho

Boise is among the best up and coming hipster cities in the US. It’s also among the fastest progressing regions in America. You will find hip tattoo parlors and a number of remarkable thrift stores in Boise. The city is also home to several craft breweries, wineries, and a fashion-conscious shopping district. Begin exploring wherever you like and enjoy the very best of Boise, Idaho. It’s a really good all-year-round vacation place to visit for couples, families, and friends alike.

  1. Tacoma, Washington

Popular as the City of Destiny, Tacoma is among the most hipster cities in the US. Plenty of modern youngsters have already shifted base to Tacoma, Washington. Craft beer-loving hipsters can enjoy a wide selection of microbreweries. Plus, there are plenty of vegan restaurants to delight those taste buds. It’s also the ideal base from where to explore the gorgeous Mount Rainier National Park as it sits right at its feet. It’s an adventurous city your hipster spirit will thrive in!

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio

Christened the Queen City, this is among the most spectacular and top hipster cities in America. Engulfed by a scenic foothill, it offers an awesome skyline with the most stunning backdrop ever. Nature-loving hipsters will find Cincinnati to be among the most picturesque places in the US. There are scores of eccentric tattoo parlors and remarkable microbreweries to explore here. There are farm-to-table restaurants you can visit in the city’s Over the Rhine neighborhood. You can take the streetcar that links the neighborhood to downtown.

  1. Knoxville, Tennessee

No, this isn’t just another regular college town for the Tennessee University. It’s also among the best and most hipster cities in the US. While it’s often overlooked by the more popular Nashville, Knoxville is just as fascinating, if not more, to visit. You should definitely book cheap flights to USA and make a trip to this remarkable hipster city. There are spectacular vegan eateries as well as quirky tattoo parlors and thrift stores to explore. Visit and let the urban wilderness of this remarkable of all top hipster cities overtake you!

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