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Ahmedabad, the former capital city of Gujarat and now a growing metropolis had left an indelible mark on the history of Indian Independence. The city is historically, architecturally and industrially prominent and is recognized as India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City. There are many Glorious Places worth Visiting in Ahmedabad and the nightlife is quite exciting.

Nightlife in Ahmedabad is a different experience altogether. Although not all glitzy like that of the other metropolitan cities say Mumbai or Delhi with banging electronic music and tempting drinks in luxurious pubs and bars, nightlife in this city is quite happening at a few discotheques, cafés and nightclubs, whereas certain night out places in Ahmedabad are all about friends/family, food and fun in a secluded atmosphere. So, when the tired locals tuck them in their beds and the lights of the streets go off, show up at these night-out places in Ahmedabad and take all it has to offer you. Book your cheap flights to Ahmedabad with Indian Eagle now.

1.Manek Chowk:

It is not uncommon that we hear hunger roar of the stomach in the middle of the night. What is the best place to answer your night-time cravings than Manek Chowk, a foodie’s night-out place in Ahmedabad? The city square surrounded by historical buildings is a busy vegetable and jewelry market until dusk and transforms into a street food center at night. The lip-smacking specialties of Ahmedabad are available here between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am. Pav Bhaji is the favorite street food of all Indians and the craving for this snack is active at any time of the day. Taste the Gujarati-style Pav Bhaji or order Gwalior Dosa and Sandwiches that are famous at Manek Chowk!

2.Sunset Drive-in-cinema:

Do you remember the last time when you spent the whole night watching movies on Netflix or Amazon? We know many of you love to spend sleepless nights with continuous shows. We also know that this favorite pastime can turn more exciting and magical when you watch your favorite stars in the movie on one of the largest screens in Asia set up in the open-air under the endless stars in the sky. For a more authentic movie experience than a theatre, drive to this open-theatre in Memnagar near Swastik Banquet Hall, Drive-in Road. This huge night-out place in Ahmedabad can accommodate 665 cars and 6000 people at once. It screens two shows a day, usually at 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm. You can watch the movie comfortably seated in a garden or auditorium or directly from your car! Spend some me-time in the garden and order delicious food from food courts.

3.Rewind The Disc and Spirit O Soul:

When we talk about the nightlife of a place, the pubs and nightclubs in the location have come to illustrate the picture by and large, in recent times. One of the popular night-out places in Ahmedabad to party and unwind is ‘Rewind The Disc’. The ambiance of this nightclub inside Himalaya Mall in Tilak Nagar swiftly adjusts your mood with its dim lights, lively music, and good food. ‘Spirit O Soul’ is another popular dining restaurant in Chandkheda whose discotheque is electrifying with disco lights and beating music. It also serves you delectable Italian, Mexican and Continental dishes. All the party lovers are ensured to have a blast!

4.Sphere Lounge, Hotel Ramada:

A vacation with friends is always special, be it the fun of exploring places all day, crazily clicking photos or chatting about random topics for long hours. For all those looking for a night-out place in Ahmedabad with quiet ambiance conducive to their uninterrupted conversation with friends over a coffee or lonely time with your partner on candle-lit tables, Hotel Ramada on S.G Highway is the destination! It has arranged a rooftop café called Sphere Lounge. This late-night café is open to the air; dimly lit; furnished with contemporary chic décor; and serves delicious food and beverages. A huge theatre system in the café screen sports to entertain you further!

5.Kankaria Lake:

Enjoying the nightlife in Ahmedabad to the fullest? As you are up till late hours, do you have any plans to heartily welcome the Sun and peacefully start the next day? Before beginning your next-day tour to the other natural places near Ahmedabad, head straight to Kankaria Lake that opens at 4 am in the morning. Formerly known as “Hauz-e-Qutub”, it is the second-largest lake in Ahmedabad located near Maninagar area in the Southeastern part of the city. The Kankariya zoo, Balvatika and Amusement Park on the lakefront is perfect for a family holiday during day time. They also host recreational activities like hot-balloon ride, water rides, etc. The musical fountain and laser light show in the dark nights in the middle of the lake at ‘Naginawadi’ is un-miss-able! It is also the best night-out place in Ahmedabad for a peaceful stroll by the lake and a pleasing view of the multi-colored lights along the perimeter of the lake. You can spend hours in this tranquility until the natural rays of the Sun start adorning the lake.

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