7 Solidly Impressive Reasons to Visit Chicago Right Now!



You won’t believe how many incredible reasons to visit Chicago there are! Have you ever wondered ‘is Chicago a good place to visit’ before? If you have, then let us assure you that Chicago is one of the best cities to visit in the United States. Exploring downtown Chicago and all other famous parts will be among the most exciting things you’ll do as a traveler! But is Chicago safe to visit? It absolutely is! Of course, you’ll need to take precautionary measures you normally take anywhere (even at home). Its relative safety is among the top reasons to visit Chicago Illinois, especially for solo women travelers.

If you’re still wondering whether to visit this remarkable place, we’ve listed some top reasons to visit Chicago that will help you make up your mind. You will be amazed at the awesome things you can do in Chicago. Check them out below!

Best things about Chicago that warrant a visit:

Why should you travel to Chicago? We’ll tell you. There are so many incredible experiences to be had here that will simply blow your mind! This is one of those spectacular places people regularly take unplanned getaways to on last minute flights. Any good Chicago travel guide will tell you this. Check out some of the topmost reasons to visit Chicago listed below and start planning that trip!

  1. Diverse neighborhoods

This is what makes Chicago unique. You will find incredible diversity when it comes to Chicago’s residents. This remarkable multicultural city is home to Italians, Poles, Latinos, and the Irish among other communities. This is one of the best things about Chicago. Whichever part of Chicago you’re in, you will get to experience different cultures, art, and traditions. Mingle with various communities and get their take on what it’s like to live in Chicago.

  1. Incredible food

Chicago’s diversity is also one of the top reasons the city has a thriving food scene. Food is among the topmost incredible reasons to visit Chicago. Just ask a foodie ‘is Chicago worth visiting just for the food’ and you’ll get a screaming ‘YES’ in your face. While the genuine deep-dish pizza is a must-try, there is a plethora of other food to try as well. Think Italian beef sandwiches, Mexican Tacos, and Indian curries among other things. Let’s not forget Chicago-style special hot dogs!

  1. Awe-inspiring architecture

One of the top reasons to visit Chicago on economy or business class flights is its stunning architecture. There are many gorgeous skyscrapers to feast your eyes on here and the best way to see them is via the architectural boat tour. Alternatively, you can also hitch a helicopter ride or get up on the Willis Tower Skydeck. This way, you can enjoy fantastic aerial views of the skyscrapers. Famous structures to look at include the Tribune Building, 875 N Michigan, and the Wrigley Building among others.

  1. The dynamic art scene

Art lovers will find this is among the best reasons to visit Chicago. The thriving and electrifying art scene in Chicago is displayed not just at the museums and galleries but at several public spaces as well. You can spend endless hours at the Art Institute of Chicago just poring over awesome artworks. Feast your eyes on classic and legendary works such as Monet’s Water Lilies or A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Seurat. For contemporary works, there are several independent art galleries to explore throughout Chicago.

  1. A hip beer scene

Alcohol aficionados will find this to be among the best things about Chicago. There is a flourishing and hip beer and craft beer scene in Chicago which is as diverse as the city itself. Go bar-hopping and enjoy some of the best pub-offers you find. Also, do check out popular Chicago breweries such as Lagunitas, Pipeworks, Goose Island, and Revolution among others. Thereby, ensure to explore everything from elite downtown Chicago bars to unconventional breweries.

  1. Awesome musical heritage

Chicago holds a special charm for music lovers across the world. It has a rich musical heritage in that it has given birth to diverse musical styles over the years. Whether it’s Jazz, Blues, or House music, it has taken root right here. Isn’t this among the best reasons to visit Chicago? The thriving live music scene in Chicago among the must-have experiences for all music-loving travelers. Hit Jazz, House, and Blues clubs, enjoy live music performances, and sway the night away!

  1. Top shopping ops

Shopaholics will find this to be among the topmost reasons to visit Chicago. Just take a stroll along Magnificent Mile to see what we mean. You will find all possible luxury brands, department stores, and quirky boutiques lined up. An entire day can be dedicated just to weigh shopping ops without actually buying anything! For small independent boutiques, visit neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park, Old Town, and Wicker Park. Buy clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and a lot more.

There are countless more awesome reasons to visit Chicago Illinois besides the ones mentioned here. Make no delay in booking flights to USA for that awesome Chicago trip! Explore this remarkable city in all its glory. If anyone ever asks you, ‘is Chicago a good place to visit,’ rattle off as many of these awesome reasons to visit Chicago as you can!

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