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National Parks are wondrous places with splendid scenic views preserved for generations passed and the ones to come. Have you ever thought what could be the best way to behold the beauty of a National Park in your memory forever? Did you ever feel like running a marathon or race? If you have, you can run a marathon in a National Park exploring its natural beauty and wilderness. Isn’t it great – fulfill your dream of completing a marathon and explore the wilderness of a National park simultaneously!

Check out the best National Park marathons and races for 2019 across the United States of America and get ready for the fun and adventure.

Grand Canyon Half Marathon

Distance to be covered – 13.1 miles

Date & Place: October; Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon Half Marathon of 2019 is gaining more popularity as compared to the last four years of its declaration. The marathon course covers trails running next to Grand Canyon National park. The event is gaining momentum as last year almost 1500 participants made way across the park. You will go spellbound by the breathtaking views of forests and grassland. If you run this half marathon, you will get to see a part of northern Arizona tucked away. Haven’t ever run a marathon before? There’s nothing to worry as Grand Canyon Half Marathon is both for seasoned athletes and newbies. However, getting to the finish line wouldn’t be an easy task. Once you have made up your mind for this, be ready for anything that comes your way along with the cold temperature.

Zion Half Marathon

Distance to be covered – 13.1 miles

Date & Place: 23rd February, 2019; Mount Carmel, USA

Considered an important event in the series of vacation races of 2019, the Zion Half Marathon is not just a race but a fantastic weekend getaway for adventurers and nature admirers. Situated in Zion National Park of Utah, the event will let you experience the majestic scenery along the trail. Although it is only 3 years old by now, the huge following is evident how fantastic the experience would be. You will not just get to view the spellbinding sights of the National park but get a glance of small towns on your way such as Virgin and Springdale with locals cheering you with immense enthusiasm. Remember there is a maximum cut-off for runners that is 1500, so make your reservations fast as the event is just a month away. The marathon welcomes both beginners and old-time marathoners. Even if you have booked a business class flight to attend an important conference around this time, take a day out and be a part of the thrilling Zion Half Marathon at Mount Carmel.

Grand Teton Half Marathon

Distance to be covered – 13.1 miles

Date & Place: 1st June, 2019; Jackson, USA

Located in Jackson Wyoming, Grand Teton Half Marathon is one of the most popular National Park Half Marathons of 2019. It is the favorite event of both city folks and tree huggers. Being a marathon runner, you will have to cover the challenging course with steep elevations and climbing points. Even the best of season athletes find it challenging. Once you have crossed Jackson Hole, head towards the Snake River and move forward to reach the finishing line at Teton Mountain range. Although you won’t be running directly across the National park, you will get a perfect look of the magnificent nature of Grand Teton National park and come across a rough terrain that only experienced runners manage to go through. Be careful at the high elevation points while running in this half marathon.

Death Valley Marathon

Distance to be covered – 42 kilometers, 21 kilometers, 10 kilometers

Date & Place: 2nd February, 2019; Inyo Country, USA

The name Death Valley itself sounds like something dangerous that could just kill you, isn’t it? Don’t you worry; the course is pretty much manageable with its exotic and scenic beauty. Death Valley is among the popular National Park races of 2019 that welcomes both newbies and seasoned athletes. The course is completely under sea level with majestic views of mountains all around. On your way, ranges like the Funerals, the Blacks and the Cottonwoods will welcome you with open arms. Are you worried about the weather in the desert region? Thanks to the organizers, the event takes place at the most suitable time of the year when Death Valley experiences comfortable tepid weather saving the runners from the scorching heat and desert climate. It’s almost time! Book your last minute flights to USA and be a runner at the Death Valley Marathon.

From beginners of marathon to seasoned athletes, you will find every kind of runner in the Death Valley Marathon and the best part is it only allows limited number of participants to run. So, you need not stress upon winning the marathon but work towards your best potential and enjoy the overwhelming beauty around.

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