8 Significant Things you Learn as a Solo Female Traveler



There are invaluable things you learn as a solo female traveler in life that you won’t learn any other way. The thrill of exploring a new place all on your own without the need to be validated by another is something else altogether! Women who’ve traveled solo invariably turn into firm believers that all women must travel alone at least once in their lifetime. When you learn how to travel the world alone as a woman, you discover as much about yourself as a new destination. Few things can be as liberating in life as solo female travel.


Solo Female Travel Benefits:


If you happen to be a woman on the verge of making the brave decision to travel alone in life, then we can help you out here. We’ve listed the top things you learn as a solo female traveler that you won’t learn elsewhere. Keep reading to know how you will benefit by traveling the world alone.


  1. You learn the kind of traveler you are


One of the best things about solo female travel is that it helps you discover what kind of a traveler you are. Maybe you’re an early bird who likes to wake up at the crack of dawn and head out to explore a new place. Maybe you’re a party animal and like hanging out with a group. Maybe you live in the moment and don’t really plan trips. You just take off to new places on last minute flights. In short, you learn what travel style suits you best. This invaluable Intel will help you plan your future trips a lot better.


  1. You become fiercely independent


While traveling on your own as a woman isn’t really a cake-walk, it is nonetheless doable and has its own set of benefits. One of the top things you learn as a solo female traveler is to depend only on yourself. All the important decisions about the trip are taken by you and you alone. You have the freedom to decide where you wish to go, what you’d like to eat, and how long to extend the trip. Being fiercely and unapologetically independent is what traveling alone teaches you.


  1. You learn that the world isn’t as scary as it’s made out to be


Yes, you’ll need to watch your back. But don’t you do that at home as well? Of course there are a few safety precautions that women traveling solo, or otherwise, must take. But that aside, the world is quite a friendly place and you won’t learn that unless you travel. Meeting locals and getting to know their way of life is among the best things about traveling. When you learn how to travel alone, you will learn how to mix with people as well. This is among the best things you learn as a solo female traveler!


  1. You will make new friends


Among the best things about solo travel is that you will meet a lot of other travelers on the road. There are many ways to make new friends while traveling on your own. For instance, if you’re traveling to India for the first time and are uncomfortable doing it solo, there are women travel groups you can join here. When you explore the country together, you will invariably make friends with a couple of them. Who knows, maybe you could plan your next trip together!


  1. You’ll become more responsible


‘Responsibility’ is among the topmost things you learn as a solo female traveler. In fact, any guide to solo female travel will tell you the same thing along with tips on how to learn to travel alone. In the beginning, you may end up missing buses and maybe even forget to book a hostel or hotel room. But you’ll learn from your mistake, take responsibility, and not repeat them again. You will become a lot more responsible with not just material possessions but will also better your time management skills.


  1. You learn what your priorities are in life


If you’re at a crossroads in life with no clue about what to do next, just head out on a solo trip. Look for some solo travel tips online, book an economy or business class flight, and head out. One of the most important things you learn as a solo female traveler is what your priorities in life are. Traveling is a way of life for many and a proud one at that. Traveling solo will clear your head and help you decide whether you wish to settle down or keep traveling the world.


  1. Your intuitions will become sharper


When you’re indecisive about something, you will invariably trust your gut. Yes, even if it doesn’t really make any practical sense. One of the things you learn as a solo female traveler is to trust your instincts. When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. If you don’t know whether you should, you probably shouldn’t. When traveling the world alone, your senses will be fine-tuned and you’ll learn to read people a lot better. You’ll know which ones to talk to and which ones avoid. Just trust your gut.


  1. It’s your road to self-discovery


When you book cheap flights for a solo trip, you’re investing time and money in your well-being. You’ll learn more about yourself while on the road than anywhere else. Self-discovery is among the most vital things you learn as a solo female traveler. Apart from discovering the type of traveler you are, you will learn your likes and dislikes, the kind of destinations you prefer, the type of food you like, and the kind of people you’d like to make friends with. You’ll learn to enjoy your own company and live life on your own terms. You’ll finally understand the importance of solo female travel and why every woman should do it at least once in her lifetime!

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