The New Hub of Performing Arts: Theater and Concerts in Hyderabad



The city of Nizams is not just known for its distinct cuisine or traditional jewelry, Hyderabad is also known for its fathomless love for theater and music. Although performing arts in the past were very much limited to the unique dialect- Hyderabadi Urdu or the regional language- Telugu. Now, these have been organized keeping in mind a much larger audience and for a global reach. So, you may find them in an array of languages such as English or Hindi. Theater and concerts in Hyderabad are also a great way to get a peek into the culture and life of people within the city. 

Hyderabad is one of the most beautiful places in India and is home to architectural masterpieces such as Charminar and Golconda Fort, bustling bazaars, ancient mosques and temples etc. If you want to experience the vibes of the bygone era and the modern world in today’s age, you must head to this cosmopolitan city. 

Places for Theater and Concerts in Hyderabad 

The City of Pearls loves all things art and culture, and so you will find numerous places that organize theater and concerts in Hyderabad. Some of them are listed below: 

  1. Ravindra Bharathi Auditorium
  2. Shilparamam
  3. Lamakaan
  4. Saptaparni
  5. Kalinga Cultural Trust

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The Lost World – Theater & Concerts in Hyderabad 

With the development of the city into a growing IT hub and the many technological advancements that have engulfed the world, the traditional yet iconic theaters in Hyderabad have kind of faded into oblivion. The tech-savvy generation; be it the later millennials or Gen Z spend hours in screen-time. The source of entertainment is mostly various streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime or even YouTube. Most of them usually even avoid going to movie theaters and hope to watch the new release once it is available on these mediums. 

With this, the age-old theater industry seems to have been a little affected. Hyderabad along with its twin-city, Secunderabad, are home to some popular theaters in India. But many of the decade old theaters are now not functional or shut due to poor upkeep. From Odeon and Sangeet to Zamrud and Tarakarama, these were the names many people in the early 2000’s had on their lips but now most of the people don’t know about them. 

“Although many may argue movie theaters are not a part of performing arts; its definition has dramatically changed over the past decades. Earlier, it was just limited to traditional theater but now it includes radio, television, films, and every performance that takes place beyond the walls of a traditional theater building.”

Apart from these, there are many auditoriums that are still being used to display performing arts in Hyderabad. Be it theater, stand up acts, concerts or dance performances, the local talent in this city will leave you in awe! 

You will find a lot of art centers in Hyderabad that showcase its splendid heritage of music and dance. Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, and Bharatanatyam are popular dance forms here. You can also find an increased influence of Hindustani Classical Music and Carnatic Classical Music in the city. 

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Music Concerts in Hyderabad 2022

Be it performances by Bollywood or Tollywood singers, famed DJs or international artists, live music concerts in Hyderabad are full of energy and entertainment. If you are lucky and willing to spend money, you can watch your favorite singers perform right in front of you. With everything being done online, you can also book your tickets via various websites and apps to avoid standing in long queues. 

Hyderabad’s salubrious climate, diverse culture, distinct cuisine, rapid growth in the IT industry and the never ending love for art is what makes this city stand out from the rest of the metropolitans in India. If you are an aesthete, you can explore the cultural side here and watch the numerous theater and concerts in Hyderabad. Who knows, you might just bump into your favorite artist. 

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You can also book international flights through Indian Eagle and save more on your travel expenses. So, why wait? Plan your itinerary today and get ready to be entertained by the best artists in Hyderabad.

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