8 Allegiant Tips for Booking Cheap Last Minute Airfare That Actually Work!



Since, we will invariably come across a time where in we will need to book last minute travel, these tips for booking cheap last minute airfare will come in very handy. A lot of people wonder how to get cheap last minute flights at the airport. But is that the only place you can get cheap last minute airfare? Actually, with some good planning and careful booking, you will be able to get your hands on some pretty cheap very last minute flights. So, instead of wondering where to bid on flights last minute, do as we say and find the cheapest last minute flights to anywhere in the world! Take a look at the list below of top tips for booking cheap last minute airfare. Make your last minute air travel as cheap as possible!

Tips to Find Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights:

By using our tips, you can find very cheap flights for last minute travel to anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to find last minute travel deals at the lowest possible rates for not just work trips, but also for unplanned vacations. Take a good, close look at our list of the best tips for booking cheap last minute airfare below. Find cheap last minute flights like a pro!

  1. The airport is not your only option

Those wondering how to get cheap last minute flights at the airport should know that this should be the last option. A few of the major things that can get you on the standby list for last minute flights include missing your flight, holding a complete-price air ticket but wanting to take an earlier flight, or having a couple of friends who work at the said airline. Even then, be prepared to wait as you won’t be the only one eyeing cheap last minute flights.

  1. Sign up for price alerts

This is among the top most tips for booking cheap last minute airfare. When you sign up for price alerts, you will get regular updates on airfare changes. This will help you keep tabs and plan your trip accordingly. You can also follow your preferred airlines or booking sites on social media. You can instantly book cheap flights the minute you are alerted to them. This is a great way to score some pretty affordable business class flights as well.

  1. Always have a flexible travel schedule

Among the best ever tips for booking cheap last minute airfare is to maintain an incredibly flexible travel schedule. We don’t just mean being open to odd flying hours. You must also be open to alternate airport options and new destinations that might cost less. Filter searches for cheap last minute flights to anywhere instead of a fixed itinerary and you are sure to hit bull’s eye.

  1. Keep an eye out for additional fees

So, you’ve just come across and managed to book some really cheap and very last minute flights. That’s all good and fine but you must always ensure to keep a lookout for additional fees the airline might levy on you. These can either be hidden taxes or the fees levied in case you wish to make changes in your air ticket at the last minute. Thereby, be careful while booking the ticket and avoid these fees.

  1. Forgo ‘close-in’ bookings

Using your reward points to book cheap flights may not always be the ideal way to go. Certain airlines will levy a fee toward ‘close-in’ bookings – the kind where you book flights about 21 days ahead of the actual departure. Avoiding this type of booking is among the best tips for booking cheap last minute airfare. Pay cash and save the reward points for a later booking.

  1. Check out more than one flight booking sites

This is among the best tips for booking cheap last minute airfare ever! Ensure to look through at least a handful of flight booking sites and not just one place when searching for cheap last minute airfare. This way, you will have more choices and you will be able to find the cheapest last minute flight for your trip. Comparing fares on multiple sites before booking will save you a lot of bucks.

  1. Book last minute flights during the mid-week

Sometimes, we may have to book flights just 48 hours ahead of departure. This will invariably cause us to incur huge losses. In such cases, try to push the number of days if possible. If not, look at booking flights mid-week. Flights are cheaper during this time than the weekends and most of the corporate travelers are already on the ground. By doing this, you will save massively on flight charges.

  1. Consider an air courier job

While it may sound offbeat, getting a job as an air courier is among the best tips for booking cheap last minute airfare. About a decade ago, this was the key to budget flying, whether you were booking US flights to India or some other route. While not all airlines offer this service, some of them still do. Although a competitive industry, it will help you get fares at the cheapest possible rates. So, keep an eye out and save more!

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