Top Frequently Asked Questions On Wide-Format Printers!



Every organization requires printers and not just for the readable documents of standard A4 dimensions. A lot of printing activity in the organizations requires wide-format printers from printing posters, to printing textile banners and trade show display signs, you name it.

This article will emphasize the need, uses, and considerations to select a wide-format printer as an organization.

All you need to know about the wide-format printers:

Wide-format printers are the need of the day. These are used in a wide range of applications if you look around yourself.  But many of you have questions regarding their usability and functions. You will get your answers as you continue reading this article.

Define wide-format printers?

It is a printer that prints on large paper with sizes varying from two feet wide to fifteen. Most of the wide-format use inkjet technology and are capable of printing on various materials from plain paper, flossed paper, or cloth. These printers are widely available in the market.

When do you need a wide-format printer?

As a corporate organization, there will be many instances where you would prefer having a wide format printer on your premises. If your company is going to plan a trade show or requires new outdoor signage, wide-format printers are your need. If your business event is coming up, you need advertising signage and display banners and posters.

Your event budget will rise exponentially if your organization does not own such a printing facility. Thus if you want to save your money, you can order your wide format from a company like Epson UAE for acing your event, that too, economically.

How to select a wide-format printer?

You must consider some characteristics before choosing a wide-format printer and never compromise on them. Since you get these for saving your costs, you must ensure that it provides you with the best outcomes. Color capability coupled with resolutions

Sometimes, disasters occur when wide-format printing is carried out. You print the carefully designed poster the day before your event, and the colors turn out different than they were in the design software. Thus, it is essentially important to choose a wide format printer with color accuracy along with wit high resolution. 

1.      Speed to print capability

Printing speeds are mentioned in advertisements with the prefix ‘upto.’ When you get the device, you find out upon using that it never reaches that mentioned speed. Make sure when you get a wide-format printer, that it has good speed and as per the claim.

Does your organization need a wide-format printer?

Whether you are running a corporate company or a private education institute, you can gain benefits from getting a high-quality wide-format printer for the organization. Many businesses in the UAE have been saving their costs by having large format printers on their premises. If your organization is there, you can book your device with Epson UAE for completing your endeavors in a limited budget. 

It is a one-time investment. Keep that in mind, and choose wisely.

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