10 Top Travel Trends to Watch Out for in 2018!



There are some exceptional top travel trends 2018 has brought with it for travelers to enjoy. The Fashion industry isn’t the only ever-changing one in the world. The constantly evolving travel industry is among the fastest growing ones in the world with more and more people jetting off on trips every now and then. Travel and tourism trends 2018 bring good news for adventurous travelers willing to challenge traditional trip styles. So if you fall in this category, get set to be amazed and inspired to see the world in ways you never imagined before!


In-vogue Current Trends in Travel and Tourism:


Thanks to travel being a lifestyle statement, you’ll be amazed at how fluid the travel industry can be. We’ve brought together a list of some of the best global tourism trends we believe will make a huge impact on travel in 2018. While there are certain top travel trends that have already made the news, others are just around the block. Read up to know what these travel trends are so you can plan likewise.


#1. Solo Travel


Solo travel isn’t really a new trend but it’s trending nonetheless! It’s among the most popular forms of traveling especially among backpackers on a tight budget. They travel to cheap destinations in India and elsewhere exploring new places as per their whim and fancy. It’s among the top travel trends taking the travel world by a storm! This is also among the most popular millennial travel trends in 2018.


Popular spots: India, Barcelona, Ireland, Havana, Vietnam, New York, Canada, and Nepal.


#2. Women’s Travel Groups


A large number of female travelers worldwide apprehensive about going the road solo are joining women’s travel groups. Such travel groups ensure safety and guidance for female travelers enabling them to fulfill their travel dreams. This is among the best travel industry trends 2018 has brought about for solo female travelers.


Popular Spots: United States, India, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.


#3. Extreme Adventure Travel


This is among the top travel trends with thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. With the demand for adventure travel getting bigger, extreme adventure sports such as skyrocketing, wingsuit jumping, skydiving, and mountain expeditions make bungee jumping sound easy and oh-so-passé. This type of travel trend is tailor-made for thrill-seeking travelers.


Popular spots: Everest base camp jumping, trekking in Tibet to spot Snow Leopard, rafting in Rotorua rapids, ice cycling in Mongolia, and cruising in Antarctica.


#4. Voluntourism-cum-Glamping


You may have undoubtedly heard about voluntourism as a travel trend. Have you also heard about glamping? No? Well glamping, or glamorous camping, is among the top travel trends to watch out for this year. While it’s already popular among the global youth, even families are taking to it with the aim to instill responsible tourism in their kids.


Popular spots: Teaching English in developing countries, igloo pods to watch the Northern Lights, camping in the forests of Masai Mara, and spreading feasible ways of animal and forest conservation in countries that need it.


#5. Culinary Travel


This is as much a global phenomenon as it is among the most popular US travel trends. Food lovers, or gourmet travelers, travel through various parts of the world sampling mouthwatering cuisines. Taking this a notch up, there are now guided food adventure tours you can take which include a visit to the local markets, food preparation sessions, and wine pairings among other things. Culinary travel among the top travel trends for foodies the world over.


Popular spots: Israel, Vietnam, Fiji, Seychelles and Spain for a hands-on cooking experience, Bhutan, and Kelowna for its farm tours.


#6. Wellness and Rejuvenation Travel


Many travelers who are health-conscious or fitness freaks take off on last minute flights for a rejuvenation trip. This is one of the top travel trends promoting travel for the sake of mental health as well as physical fitness. Destinations around the world target fitness-obsessed travelers with wellness programs, weight loss therapy, and hot springs among other things.


Popular spots: Bali or Thailand for spa retreats, foothills of the Himalayas for a detox break, Kerala for its Ayurveda spas, and Austria for its hot springs and spa retreats.


#7. Romantic Getaways


Romantic getaways have always been one of the top global tourism trends and seem to get even popular by the year! Many couples, newlyweds or those looking to reignite the spark in their relationship, often take off to enjoy long romantic breaks in breathtakingly beautiful places. From cruises and beach resorts to even historical places, couples are open to seeing new places together.


Popular spots: Paris, Venice, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Bali, India, the Maldives, Prague, Rome, the Greek Islands, and Belgium.


#8. Multi-generational Travel


Everybody needs a break regardless of their age. This is the reason multi-generational travel is one of the emerging top travel trends in 2018. The grandparents-parents-grandchildren trip is gaining popularity around the world with entire families jetting off to vacation together. Many don’t even compromise when it comes to the comforts of travel and book business class flights for their trip. Undoubtedly, traveling to and exploring new places together will strengthen the bond between loved ones.


Popular spots: The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Cayman Islands, Miami, Disney Cruises, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand,  Australia, and Thailand.


#9. Trending Wine Trips


One of the top current trends in travel and tourism, the searches for wine trips are up by a very large margin. Alcohol connoisseurs are traversing the globe looking for excellent wine countries to explore. Imagine wine tours, wine tastings, and a stroll through gorgeous vineyards. Enjoy a glass of Chardonnay or sip on delicious Pinot Noir and forget your troubles for a while. What more could one possibly want!


Popular spots: Bordeaux and Corsica in France, Finger Lakes (New York), Valle D’Aosta in Italy, Crete in Greece, Hemel-en-Aarde Valley in South Africa, and Galicia in Spain.


#10. Cruises and Rail Travel


Yes, an unimaginable number of people book cheap flights these days for their travel. But plenty of travelers prefer going on cruises and enjoy train rides as well. Making a big comeback this year, rail travel and cruises are among the most popular top travel trends in 2018. Trading in cosmopolitan cities for scenic landscapes, rail travel has in part been fueled by the insta-worthy train ride to Sri Lanka from the Canadian mountains. And of course, cruises and boat trips never really went out of style.


Popular spots:

Rail travel: The Glacier Express (Switzerland), Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian (Russia), The Ghan (Australia), The Shongololo Express (Africa), The Canadian (Canada), Royal Rajasthan on Wheels (India), and Orient Express (Europe).

Cruises: Carnival Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Viking River Cruises, Cunard Line, Royal Caribbean International, Lindblad Expeditions, and Disney Cruise Line.

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