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On a tour to the USA, New York, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco are cities on top of your bucket list. No doubt, these magnificent cities are worth a visit but to your surprise there are some amazingly beautiful places in the foreign land that still remains underrated. Why not try exploring the top underrated places in the USA?

Here are some names to add in your travel list!

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Want to explore a place both beautiful and away from the pandemonium of the city? Isn’t travelling to a place faraway in the lap of nature a good idea? Out of the many underrated vacation spots in the USA, Mackinac Island is the most beautiful. The small island is located in the northern tip of Michigan serving as a perfect island town with its tempting charm. If you love biking, boating or swimming, it is an ideal vacation spot for you. Spare some time to dine in at one of the oldest hotels in the state, the Island House Hotel.

Door County, Wisconsin

Located between Lake Michigan and George Bay, Door County is a splendid peninsula offering a perfect picturesque view. You will come across 19 different communities along the shoreline. The natural beauty of this place has appealed the writers and artists to an extent that they have set up shops here and carry out workshops in the converted barns and farmhouse galleries. The hidden gem was earlier called “Cherryland USA” as it was here that the county’s cherry grew back in the 50s. Do taste the delicious cherry pie and wander across the cherry orchards. Going to USA for a business meeting, book your business class flight right away and do take out some time for taking a round of the Wisconsin state.

Glacier National Park, Montana

You will find various beautiful national parks all across the country, but there’s nothing like the Glacier National Park located in Northern Montana. It has to be on top of your list while you explore the top underrated places in the USA. The park covers hiking trails stretched to an area of 700 miles. Explore the hiking trails and see the beauty of the glaciers, alpine meadows and serene lakes.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

The Great Sand Dunes National Park is home to tallest sand dunes in the US and to make the most of their USA trip, visitors ought to explore this best unknown place to visit in the USA for sledding and sand-boarding. Renting sand boards from the park is not an option; you will have to bring your own. However for sledding, you will have clear guidelines on the bet instruments from the park service. Get last minute flights booked from Indian Eagle, if you are up for an instant plan of a trip.

Texas Hill County, Texas

Texas owns 8 wine growing regions officially but nothing matches to the productions of Texas Hill County when it comes to world-class wines. Getting high on standards and being compared with the wines of Tempranillos and Cabernets, Texas Hill County is considered as the fastest wine growing regions in the USA. This popularity as a leading wine producer has made it a growing tourist destinations which was otherwise one of the underrated places to visit in the USA.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is known for its rich history and comes under the top tourist destinations as visitors reach in flocks. Another place tough underrated, is worth your visit – Pittsburgh. This underrated vacation spot in the USA has something or the other in store for every traveler.  Be it sports, food or art that draws your attention, you can have all these in Pittsburgh. Visit the Andy Warhol Museum, home to the most iconic pieces of the natives of Pittsburgh.

El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

Some people have given El Matador Beach a different resemblance – “California’s Best Kept secret”. Why? It is because of its secluded and less crowded ambiance, beautiful scenery and landscape and craggy cliffs. The unique setting makes it a perfect place for photoshoot. Settled off the Pacific Coast Highway, the beach is the perfect halt for relaxation.

Make sure you visit maximum of these top underrated places in the USA to add special memories in your travel diary.

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