Revealed: Flight Attendants’ Pet Peeves You Didn’t Know about!



Even frequent travelers are unaware of some of the most common flight attendants’ pet peeves. As travelers, we invariably do certain things that annoy flight attendants to no end. Have you ever wondered what flight attendants notice? If you have thought about this, let us tell you that they notice quite a bit. Also, they aren’t very happy about everything that catches their attention. Flight attendants comments are filtered carefully so as not to offend you. But flight attendants’ pet peeves will show you just how much certain types of customer behavior is off-putting, to say the least.

Take a look at some of the most common flight attendants’ pet peeves listed below. If you’re guilty about doing any of these, do ensure to avoid causing flight attendants irritation.

Popular pet peeves of flight attendants:

Whether you’re boarding last minute flights or are on a planned vacation, there are a couple of air travel etiquettes to follow. Not doing so will result in flight attendants’ pet peeves and an uncomfortable journey for you.

  1. Flight attendants aren’t your personal servants

Among the biggest of all flight attendants’ pet peeves is the fact that many flyers treat flights attendants as their personal servants. Some flight attendant stories about flyer abuse will leave you shocked. A flight attendant claims that she was constantly ignored by a flyer right since the time of boarding. But when this passenger needed something, he resorted to calling her as “hey you” or something worse. It’s one of the saddest flight attendant confessions ever.

  1. Touching flight attendants is inappropriate

Flight attendant culture is a classy one. To call one of them or get their attention, many passengers resort to touching them. The either pull at their sleeves, tap on them as they pass, or something worse. This is not the right way to call anyone let alone a flight attendant. Try saying hello, hi, excuse me, please, and thank you the next time you’re on a flight. It’s one of the best flight attendant tips to keep in mind and maintain peace while on board.

  1. Flight attendants are not your babysitters

Another one of the top flight attendants’ pet peeves is when flyers treat them akin to babysitters. If you’re flying with kids, remember that they are still your responsibility. It’s one of the important flight attendant facts you need to get straight. It’s okay to ask them to keep an eye on your kid if you’re traveling alone and need to go to the bathroom. But you cannot expect flight attendants to go out of their way to make the flight journey easier for you.

  1. When you’re disrespectful of fellow passengers

Whether you’re flying on economy or business class flights, you need to respect the other passengers on board. Not doing so is among the biggest of flight attendants’ pet peeves. Several passengers push, pull, shove, and other such things and cause inconvenience to their co-passengers. Keep in mind that everyone has paid for the air travel. You are not the only one allowed to recline your seat. Every passenger has that right.

  1. Not listening to flight attendant’s instructions

What flight attendants really think when you don’t follow their instructions is that you are an uncooperative passenger – for instance, when you refuse to turn off your devices. Well, you’re already onboard so it’s not as if you’re checking your flight status online. Keep in mind that flight attendant’s instructions are meant to ensure your safety. That is their job and you must respect it. If you disobey, for whatever reasons, you will just be adding on to the already long list of flight attendants’ pet peeves.

  1. Overstuffing your carry-on

Yes, most airlines do not charge for a carry-on. That doesn’t mean you should stuff it with everything you possibly can. This is one of the biggest flight attendants’ pet peeves ever. When you overstuff a carry-on, it won’t fit in the overhead bin anymore. Also, trying to take up the first available space is not good air travel etiquettes either. You are just taking up space someone else rightly deserves to use.

  1. Not controlling pets and leaving trash behind

Among the most rampant of flight attendants’ pet peeves is the fact that many passengers do not (or cannot) control their pets on board. Some will even take them out of the cage despite being aware that they are not allowed to do so. Also, leaving behind trash when you deplane is equally obnoxious. Like we’ve already established before, flight attendants aren’t your servants. Expecting them to pick up after you is very unfair.

  1. Taking advantage of the beverage service

This is among the biggest flight attendants’ pet peeves ever. Passengers who abuse the free beverage service and get drunk become unpleasant to deal with. This is an inconvenience not just for the flight attendants but also for the other passengers on the flight. So keep these flight attendant comments in mind. Wherever you’re flying on international flight tickets, try not to gulp down drinks simply because they are free.

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