7 Insanely Fantastic Offbeat Places to Visit in Kerala This Vacation!



        Give repetitiveness a break this time. Try exploring some exotic offbeat places to visit in Kerala on your impending vacation to this spectacular state. These offbeat destinations are awesome options especially if you’re on the lookout for less crowded tourist places in Kerala. For an authentic back-to-nature experience, there are several forest tourist places in Kerala as well. If you can spare time for a long vacation, you can enjoy some really smashing road trip places in Kerala. Thereby, allow us to help you fashion the best Kerala offbeat itinerary ever! Take a peek at some of the best offbeat places to visit in Kerala listed below. Pick a place that most interests you and enjoy your best offbeat holiday yet!

Offbeat Kerala Tourist Destinations to Explore:

You may already have explored all the fun things to do in Trivandrum, offbeat places in Kochi, and the gorgeous backwaters of Alleppey. Now, give these awesome offbeat places to visit in Kerala a try. You can visit them even if you need to book last minute flights to make an unplanned short trip. Check out the Kerala offbeat tourist places below!

1. Nelliyampathy

A lesser-known hill station, Nelliyampathy is among the best offbeat places to visit in Kerala. The eye-catching destination charms visitors with sprawling tea plantations, orange orchards, and bio-farming among other beautiful things. Besides the visual treat, visitors can enjoy a ton of exciting physical activities as well. For instance, you can go on treks, enjoy boating, stroll across tea gardens, set up camp, and several other things. It’s among the best places to visit in Kerala for bachelors and bachelorettes looking to have a fun nature-based outing.

2. Vembanad Lake

Located in Kumarakom, the stunning Vembanad Lake is among the longest ones in India. It forms a crucial part of an incredible wetland system and welcomes scores of visitors each day. Also, the saltwater barrier at the lake blocks an intrusion of seawater resulting in a separation of brackish and freshwater. It’s an incredibly romantic place to visit with your beau. Taking a boat ride during sunset is among the most romantic and peaceful things you can do at Vembanad Lake. You can also enjoy a private picnic here with family and friends.

3. Muzhappilangad Beach

The only drive-in beach of the state, Muzhappilangad Beach is among the most exotic and picturesque offbeat places to visit in Kerala. Stretching for approximately 4 km, the beach is strewn with massive rocks that protect the shore from unpredictable deep currents. It’s the ideal place for sunbathing and is also a swimmer’s paradise. Additionally, you can enjoy parasailing, catamaran rides, boating, and jet-skiing among other fun things. Also, there is an annual festival held at the beach which features cars as well as bike stunts.

4. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

If you happen to be an avid birdwatcher booking business class flights for a trip to this stunning state, this is among the top offbeat places to visit in Kerala for you. A paradise for bird lovers, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is home to hundreds of endemic as well as migratory bird species. Take your binoculars along and enjoy spotting some of the most beautiful birds ever. Also, there is a vast variety of butterfly species as well at this remarkable sanctuary spread across 25 sq. km.

5. Ponmudi

Situated in Trivandrum, Ponmudi is among the most beautiful offbeat places to visit in Kerala. Although lesser-known, this picturesque hill station is no less gorgeous than its famous counterparts. Perched atop 1100 meters above sea level, Ponmudi forms a part of the majestic Western Ghats Range. The hill station is home to fabulous rivulets, beautiful mountain flowers, spectacular springs, and a whole lot more! Make Ponmudi a part of your incredible Kerala offbeat itinerary and can enjoy a bit of trekking to leisurely explore the beauty of the place.

6. Silent Valley National Park

This is among the best ever offbeat places to visit in Kerala for wildlife enthusiasts. A safe haven for wild animals, the park has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are countless birds, animals, insects, and mammal species that call this park their home. Also, the park is replete with rich flora as well. Animal lovers will have the chance to spot exotic wildlife such as the endangered lion-tailed macaques as well. Take your kids along and make this a fun-cum-educative trip where they will learn about the importance of wildlife and its conservation.

7. Pookot Lake

Water lovers will find this to be the most stunning of all offbeat places to visit in Kerala! The natural lake is a freshwater one and lies toward the base of gorgeous mountains. Visiting this place will be among the best offbeat experiences you can have when you book US to India flights for a Kerala trip. When seen on a map, Pookot Lake loosely resembles the shape of India. Besides boating facilities, other attractions to enjoy include a freshwater aquarium, children’s park, and a handicrafts-cum-spices emporium. Hurry, come and explore away!

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