6 Fabulous Things to Do in Berkeley, California!



        If you were planning a trip to California, know that there are some very incredible things to do in Berkeley. While many may not be familiar with this remarkable city, Berkeley happens to be among the best and most amazing travel spots in the United States. Replete with attractions to suit travelers of all types and ages, Berkeley is offbeat but awesome to visit. There are museums, liberal hotspots, famous colleges, nature parks, and popular eateries to enjoy here. If you’re making a couple’s trip, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of romantic things to do in Berkeley. There are scores of fun things to do alone in Berkeley for solo travelers as well. Do peruse the list below of the most fun things you can do in Berkeley.

Coolest Things to do in Berkeley on Your Trip:

Although lesser-known than other famous US cities, Berkeley deserves a spot on the list of the best US cities to visit. You can make a quick trip on last minute flights and enjoy some of the best attractions Berkeley is home to. If you’re not an outdoorsy person, there are several fun indoor things to do in Berkeley as well. Check out some of the best things you can do in Berkeley listed below.

1. Explore Tilden Regional Park

Spectacular lush greenery is among the best things about Berkeley. If you happen to be a nature lover, exploring the vast and gorgeous Tilden Park is among the top things to do in Berkeley. The 2,000-acre park offers an exciting mix of hiking trails, bike paths, and vast open spaces. Also, there is a miniature steam train that snakes its way through the dense forests. Then, there’s Little Farm, a fabulous collection of animals that kids will enjoy watching. Also, Lake Anza is a great place for families to spend quality time together.

2. Watch a play

While there may not be raucous things to do in Berkeley at night such as in cities like Miami or Vegas, there are other fun nocturnal things to do. Berkeley offers cultural extravaganza so unique that it will thrill all art lovers. You can enjoy live music at the California Jazz Conservatory, watch a play at the Aurora Theater Company, catch a movie at the Pacific Film Archive, or be enthralled by an art show at the Berkeley Art Museum. This is the best way to witness the cultural variety and uniqueness of Berkeley.

3. Stroll Telegraph Avenue

Strolling Telegraph Avenue is among the best things to do in Berkeley for history enthusiasts. The Avenue was recognized as a counter-culture symbol during the 1960s and remains that way still. Walk a bit and you’ll come across coffee shops, street vendors, restaurants as well as a cannabis dispensary. On the sidewalks, you will see a mix of students, vendors, panhandlers, and street performers. Also, there’s a nonprofit café on the Avenue that provides refugees the training to work as baristas.

4. Visit Berkeley Marina

Visiting the gorgeous Berkeley Marina is among the top things to do here when visiting on business class flights. An incredibly beautiful place, the Berkeley Marina also serves as the venue for the annual Kite Festival. Visit during the time of the festival and watch several kite enthusiasts in action. The marina will be replete with a variety of kites, from simple and traditional kites to ones that look like dragons or octopuses. This is among the most fun things to do in Berkeley with kids.

5. Eat at Chez Panisse

This is among the absolute and must things to do in Berkeley for hardcore foodies. Chez Panisse is among the top places to eat in Berkeley and you will need to make reservations a month ahead in advance. This is where you must go to enjoy California cuisine at its very best. You can have an extravagant meal downstairs or indulge in a less expensive and less formal event at the café upstairs. The warm and hospitable staff, as well as the welcoming ambiance, will put you at ease instantly.

6. Shop on Fourth Street

Shopping in Berkeley is an adventurous task if you happen to be a shopaholic. It’s among the most exciting things to do in Berkeley when arriving in this splendid city for a vacation. Equivalent to a mall, Fourth Street is Berkeley’s go-to shopping spot. Stretching for about four blocks, it offers a blend of independent boutiques and high-end chain stores. You can shop for quirky Berkeley items such as handmade leather footwear, vegan clothes, and eccentric stationery among other things.

        These are just some of the many cool things to do in Berkeley on your trip. Make plans and book some cheap flight tickets to USA for your Berkeley trip. Fashion an itinerary comfortable and convenient for you. Come and enjoy the best things about Berkeley like never before!

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