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What millennial travelers want could be anybody’s guess. This tech-savvy generation of travelers is among the most-talked-about ones in the world today. Just take a look at some of the millennial travel trends 2018 and a bit prior to that. Proper millennial travel statistics will affirm this truth. Some millennials have made traveling a top priority while others tend to suddenly zoom off at their whim and fancy to just about anywhere in the world. It’s sort of why millennials and air travel go hand-in-hand. So, while millennials travel for a lot of reasons, what is it that they really want? Why do millennials travel so much? Let’s dig a bit deeper into what millennial travelers want to understand at least some of the many millennial travel trends.

After asking a number of millennial travelers, we’ve come up with a list of the top travel fads millennials travelers prefer the most and what millennial travelers want. Have a look and drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

They’re wandering souls

To be able to travel constantly is what millennial travelers want the most. There is no way to keep a travel-loving millennial in one place for too long. You’d be surprised how many millennials book last minute flights for impromptu trips! There is no hard-and-fast millennial travel guide. They’re self-sufficient so they go where they want, whenever they want, and however they want to.

Millennial travel destinations are boundless

Millennials travel all over the world and not just within their home countries. Millennial travel destinations are as diverse as their personalities. Some of them go backpacking across spectacular European destinations while others prefer frolicking at some beach paradise halfway across the world. Also, there are millennials who believe in the travel for a cause maxim. They take up voluntourism and help developing countries in any which way they can.

Flexible travel options are a fundamental necessity

This is key to understanding what millennial travelers want. Millennials travel any way they are comfortable. Those who wish to experience all types of travel will be bolder with their choices. There are also those who don’t mind shelling out a big wad of bucks for a comfortable journey. For instance, some of them won’t fly any other way except business class flights. Others won’t bat an eyelid hitching a tractor ride in a village. In the end, it all comes to personal choice.

Unafraid to go it alone

Plenty of times, many millennials will go off on a trip alone. Even those who haven’t solo traveled before are more willing to do it than travelers who aren’t millennials. The solo journey into the unknown excites them rather than making them afraid. While this is what millennial travelers want, it does not mean they are reckless. A lot of planning goes into that solo trip. Just after their first solo trip, many millennials have made travel a lifestyle .

Tech-addicts to the core

What is the point of traveling to gorgeous places in the world if you cannot share the experience with your loved ones back home? Social media plays a huge part in millennial travels. They’re unhesitant to go camera-crazy at stunning destinations and instantly upload them for friends and family to see. For this purpose, many millennials invest in costly photography gear as well. While some may argue that this behavior could be addictive, it can also be claimed that it inspires others to make trips of their own.

Millennials are smarter than they let on

Many older-generation travelers don’t get what millennial travelers want. They feel millennials are needlessly extravagant in their travel choices. This is not really true. While many millennials travel on a whim, they don’t exactly head out without a plan. They already have a travel fund stashed somewhere safe that is pulled out only when necessary. This ensures they don’t overspend. Also, a lot of millennials prefer booking flights well in advance.

They have proved to be experiential travelers

Experiential travel is among the biggest millennial travel trends around. Travel is more than just about hopping on and off an airplane. To meet new people, dive into a unique foreign culture, and taste delicious food are what millennial travelers want the most out of any trip. Millennials travel to a lot of different places and from each trip, they take away some invaluable life lessons. It’s how they grow as people and not just as travelers.

Embarking on the unmarked path

To be honest, even a few millennials don’t know what millennial travelers want. However, they are bold enough to find out on their own. Millennials travel to destinations deemed unsafe and uncool by a lot of other travelers. They have the courage to find out for themselves what they truly desire and somewhere along the road, they discover themselves. Because of this valuable trait, they learn life lessons that aren’t taught in classrooms.

        From all of this, we hope that you have understood at least some of what millennial travelers want. Always ready to book international flight tickets, they let their bold spirits guide them to various exciting parts of the world. They come back changed for the better and ever-ready to make another trip! So, has what millennial travelers want inspired you to travel yet?

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