6 Exotic Scuba Diving Spots in Cebu



6 Exotic Scuba Diving Spots in Cebu

Cebu islands are the place to go in the Philippines for a world-class scuba diving experience with vibrant coral reefs and rich marine life including various species of fish, sharks, crustaceans, and thousands of other sea creatures. If you’re a scuba diving enthusiast soon flying to Philippines, you must put these 6 exotic scuba diving spots in Cebu on your must-do list of things to do.  

Apo Island

Apo is a small volcanic island located on the southeastern coast of Negros Island close to the southernmost tip of Cebu. The marine life in and around the island are protected as marine sanctuaries making the tiny island a popular diving and snorkeling spot for tourists. However, it also offers snorkeling, resorts and serene beaches with a scenery attractive to avid photographers.

Capitancillo Island

Off the northeastern shores of Cebu, Capitancillo Island is a small coral island that offers three enchanting diving sites. The 6-hectare islet is preserved as a marine sanctuary by the government and also has an interesting legend associated with it. It is famous for its signature diving safari featuring yellow fin tunas, snappers, mackerels, big groupers, and school of jacks, barracuda and fusiliers. The diving safari is magical and enjoyable for both experienced and amateur divers alike.

Mactan Island

Mactan Island is no stranger to pro divers as it is home to some of the best scuba diving spots in Cebu. Apart from the diving spots in the main island, there are also so many diving spots in the neighboring islet off the eastern coast of Mactan. Along with caves, lush coral reefs and various fish species, the coral island is also close the famed Tambuli Airplane Wreck diving spot. It’s a wonderful place for those who like underwater adventures.


Kansantik diving spots are not for the faint hearted because of powerful ocean currents and restricted visibility in the waters deeper than 130 feet. However, if you’re an experienced or a pro diver, you will definitely enjoy exploring the submerged mountains covered in vibrant stony corals, giant sponges, and whip corals. You can also see Moorish fish, snappers, and several schools of fishes in the area.

Pescador Island

Pescador Island is located in the Tanon Strait or the water body occupying the area between the islands Cebu and Negros. The island is well-known for its super deep waters with clear visibility up to 130ft, and sandy slopes covered in colorful soft and hard corals. Also known as Fisherman Island, it is the most popular diving spot in Cebu. It also has an underwater cave called “the Cathedral”. Don’t miss it.

Malapascua Island

Situated near the northern coast of Cebu, Malapascua Island is known worldwide for consistent encounters with thresher sharks, which are now vulnerable to extension because of overfishing, and a low fecundity. They can be spotted near Monad Shoal early in the morning when they come for wrasse cleaning. You can also see manta rays, devil rays, marble rays, turtles, whale sharks, sea snakes, black tip sharks, sea hares, xenon crabs, blue ring octopus, frog fish and blue ringed octopus.

Scuba diving is an adventurous and thrilling activity all by itself. However, when you add the above exotic scuba diving spots in Cebu to it, it becomes all the more captivating.

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