The Supremely Rich Tamil Nadu Culture and Tradition



Among the most popular and highly frequented southern states of India, Tamil Nadu is an absolute treat to explore. With Tamil Nadu culture and tradition being so rich, the state is a must-visit especially for culture-vultures and history enthusiasts. One of the earliest civilizations in the world, Tamil Nadu was once under the reign of the Pallavas, Pandyas, Cholas, and other powerful dynasties. The ancient art and architecture of those days have been preserved even today! Belonging to the esteemed Dravidian race, the people of Tamil Nadu (called Tamilians) take immense pride in their roots and rich heritage.


Visit and see for yourself why this is one of the most intriguing places to visit in the world! Here’s a brief guide to the fascinating and enchanting Tamil Nadu culture and tradition.


Art and Culture of Tamil Nadu:


Having witnessed the reign of so many different empires, you can expect Tamil Nadu culture history to be among the richest in India. The Tamil art of Kolam (or Rangoli) has become hugely popular all over the country. It involves making designs at the doors of houses before sunrise in Tamil Nadu. It is done to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the house. This has caught on hugely in north India as well.


Tamil culture and traditions also bear witness of the fact that the Tamilians are experts in the art of weaving, spinning, and chiseling among other things. This has resulted in spectacular sculptures, carvings, bronze works, and other artworks. The rich Tamil Nadu culture and tradition is also reflected in its intellectual literature. Visit on cheap last minute flights and learn in detail about these mesmerizing Tamil traditions and their purpose.


Tamil Nadu Architecture:


Tamil architecture is among the most stunning ones in the world. If you love exploring the architectural beauty of a place when traveling, then Tamil Nadu is a must-visit destination for you! The ancient temples in Tamil Nadu, the gopurams, statues of gods and goddesses, and even the residences in Tamil Nadu bear witness to rich Tamil culture and history. Some of the most beautiful temples of south India can be found right here. The Brihadishwara Temple, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Monolithic Rock Temples, and Meenakshi Amman Temple are some of the most famous temples you can visit in Tamil Nadu.


Language and People of Tamil Nadu:


The official language of Tamil Nadu is Tamil. One of the oldest languages in the world, Tamil is a derivative of the famed Brahmi script. Much like in the Mandarin language, the letters of Tamil language represent sound. A majority of the people in Tamil Nadu speak Tamil. In fact, not just in Tamil Nadu, but Tamil is spoken in parts of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, and Mauritius.


The natives of Tamil Nadu are called Tamilians and out of the estimated 73 plus million Tamil people in the world, approximately 62 million of them reside in Tamil Nadu. The remnant can be found in various parts of the world with most of them living in the northeast region of Sri Lanka. Tamilians who live in the state strictly adhere to Tamil Nadu culture and tradition. Religion, caste system, community rules, and other rituals are stringently followed by them.


Tamil Nadu Culture Dance and Music:


The official traditional dance form of this fascinating state is Bharatanatyam. Recognized not just across India but all over the world, the dance form is a difficult one involving subtle movements and intense expressions. However, there are other folk dances as well such as Kuthu, Villiputtu, Parai, and Karakattam. Performed by tribals, these amazing dances depict the rich Tamil Nadu culture and tradition.


Tamil music is one of the most pleasant ones to hear and has evolved amazingly over the years. Carnatic music is the most important forms of music in Tamil Nadu. It was considered to be only for the elite who would understand the intricate nuances of the musical art form. Much of it still remains this way. For others, a mix of traditional songs along with some pop film music is the preference. Book a couple of business class flights and come to enjoy this amazing part of Tamil Nadu culture and tradition.


Tamil Nadu Religion:


Religion is an integral part of Tamil Nadu culture and tradition. About four-fifths of the entire Tamil Nadu population is Hindu. The rest are divided into Christianity, Jainism, Islam, and other religions. Some of the most intriguing religious rituals can be witnessed in Tamil Nadu. Apart from deity worship, Tamilians also indulge in animal worship, tree worship, as well as the worship of stars and planets.


Tamil Nadu Culture Dress:


The menfolk in Tamil Nadu can be seen wearing their traditional attire of Lungi (a large rectangular cloth that’s tied around the waist) paired with a shirt and an Angavastram (a cloth that’s draped over the shoulders). Some men wear a dhoti, a variation lungi. The men also wear Vibhuti on their foreheads. This is a vital part of Tamil Nadu culture and tradition for them.


The women in Tamil Nadu mainly wear saris, silk or other materials. The fabric, design, style, and print of the sari will depend on the community and cultural background of the woman wearing it. During festivals, most of the women sport Kanchivaram saris. Young girls and unmarried women wear half-saris – this includes a long skirt paired with a blouse and a dupatta that’s draped from the waist over to the shoulders. Many girls also wear salwar kameez and western clothes.


Tamil Nadu Culture Food:


South Indian cuisine is among the most delicious and popular ones in the world! Food is a vital part of Tamil Nadu culture and tradition with many Tamilians still following the traditional way of eating on a banana leaf. Preferred by vegetarian and non-vegetarian people alike, typical Tamil dishes to taste include idli, upma, vada, dosa, sambar, and what not! The staple food of Tamil Nadu is rice and a meal generally consists of lentils, pickle, vegetables, grains, and papad to accompany the rice. Coconut chutney and sambar are served with pretty much everything. For non-vegetarians, there is a vast variety of fish, chicken, mutton, and other meat dishes to try.
Tamil Nadu Work Culture:


Depicting the distinct Tamil Nadu culture and tradition, farming and weaving are among the major traditional occupations in Tamil Nadu. However, Tamilians are an incredibly industrious lot. Thereby, a vast portion of Tamil Nadu population is also occupied in commerce and industries which includes both inland as well as foreign. To help sustain foreign trade, shipping and certain other affiliated industries have been developed. Also, an important point to note is that there are certain Tamil Nadu commodities in high demand in the international market. Some of these commodities are cardamom, pepper, turmeric, and cinnamon. The luxurious commodities of pearls and ivory are also exported on a large scale from Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu Festivals and Fairs:


The 4-day harvest festival of Pongal, or Makar Sankranti elsewhere in India, is a major festival here and a vital part of Tamil Nadu culture and tradition. Associated with this is the popular bull-taming competition called Jallikattu generally held on the third day of the festival. The popular bathing festival Mahamagam is celebrated at Kumbakonam once in 12 years. It is also popularly referred to as the Kumbh Mela of the south and scores of people book cheap flights for a trip to Tamil Nadu during this time. There are several other festivals the locals celebrate dedicated to local deities. Some of the other major festivals celebrated here include Saraswati Pooja, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Diwali, Ayudha Pooja, Krishna Jayanthi, Bakra Eid, Muharram, Milad-un-nabi, Christmas, and Easter among others.

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