5 Best Halloween Activities in Seattle



Seattle is one of the best places for Halloween activities. This beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest US has some of the best-haunted attractions, which are just so perfect for this day. In fact, you can enjoy events and tours from September (mid to end of the month) lasting up to All Saints’ Day and even beyond. If you love Halloween or wish to spend some thrilling time with friends or family then consider these Halloween activities in Seattle

Seattle Underground Tour

Seattle Underground Tour

Underground tours can be spooky even during daylight especially if the area is deserted. So, what better way to indulge in scary Halloween activities in Seattle than to walk around the city’s famous underground? Head to Pioneer Square for a guided tour of Seattle’s underground passages. The fact that there was a fire here in 1889 that destroyed parts of the Seattle Underground aids to its spookiness. Then in 1907, the site was closed off due to bubonic plague fears. Talk about spooky! 

The restored portions of the underground are safe for guided tours. You can take the tour of the storefronts and the buildings (  A ‘Beneath the Streets’ tour is also available (which might be more suited for a good old Halloween activity). If you are looking for more than simply visiting a pumpkin patch for Halloween then this tour might be just right for you.

Haunted Chocolate Factory Tour

Haunted Chocolate Factory Tour

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this Halloween activity. The dates for the Haunted Chocolate Factory Tour 2022 are 20th to 23rd October and 27th to 30th October. Check the website for more details: During the tour, you will have a riddle to solve, find your way through a dark factory, and perhaps encounter a ghost or two! Prepare for anything spooky; perhaps chocolate was never this frightening! 

Haunted Landmarks’ Walking Tour

Haunted Landmarks Walking Tour

One of the best Halloween activities to do in Seattle is to take a walking tour of well-known haunted landmarks in the city. What better way to enjoy the spirit of Halloween than to traverse through town in the spookiest places! 

You can do this without a guided tour. Go to Canterbury Ale House for a spooky experience. It is said that a man who was killed here sometimes appears in the mirrors of the place! Go to Moore Theatre where along with theatre performances and exhibits, visitors can catch a glimpse of the ‘ghost’ of Mr. Moore himself. How about a meal at Kells Irish Restaurant? Along with your lunch or dinner, you will be able to meet the ‘little girl’ ghost and another one who only appears in the mirrors of the restaurant. 

Frighthouse Station Visit

Frighthouse Station Visit

Go to Frighthouse Station located in Tacoma for the ultimate horror + terror experience – making it one of the perfect Halloween activities in Seattle. The haunted house here includes a dark tour full of ghosts, spirits, and things unknown. You can check the details ( and book your tickets for the tour. 

Fright Fest Fun

Fright Fest Fun

A fright fest? Now, that is perhaps the best Halloween activity in Seattle to scare just about anyone. It is held at Wild Waves Theme & Water Park. Visit the place anytime between 7th to 30th October, especially at night, for some spooky fun. You can check the details for tickets at The attractions here include a Voodoo Swamp, a witch at the sinister swamp, wandering spirits, etc. The haunted house here is called Chamber of Souls. If you enter this place, be prepared to encounter zombies, scary mishaps, and even creepy clowns along with bone-chilling experiences. 

If you are planning to visit the US during the month of October and Seattle is part of your itinerary then try to include at least one of these Halloween activities during your trip. You can travel back to India from the city itself. Book your flights from Seattle to Delhi, Mumbai, or any other metro city in India easily. 

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Fun Halloween Activities

Try these Halloween activities in Seattle at your own risk! So, are you ready to get your spooky on and go into a thrilling night? 

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