Holiday Travel Gift Guide for the Frequent Traveler



Holiday season is stressful due to the sheer preparation required for it. Buying the right gift for loved ones is one of the holiday stressors. No one wants to be that person who gifted the ‘least useful’ or ‘boring’ gift. So, what to do? A person’s hobby is a good indicator for what to gift them. If you have a frequent flyer or traveler in your circle, consider this holiday travel gift guide this season. In fact, the items listed here are non-seasonal and are perfect gifts for any occasion. 

Eye Mask and Neck Pillow

Frequent flyers will swear by these travel accessories. Perhaps you will find a mention of these items in every gift guide for travelers. When it comes to eye masks, buy one with contours; allowing for ease of opening and closing the eyes. You can buy a matching (or not) neck pillow to gift along with the eye mask. You can find a good eye mask for under $25. You can easily buy a set of good eye mask and neck pillow under $50. 


Carry-ons, backpacks, and suitcases will find their way into any good holiday travel gift guide. You can find good quality luggage to suit your budget. From anti-theft backpacks to smooth-rolling compact suitcases; you can buy a luggage to suit the traveler’s requirements. Look for extra-long handles, sturdy bodies, and crush-proof shells for buying durable items. 

Portable Charger

One of the best gifts for travelers is a portable charger. Try to find a really compact one and you will make the traveler receiving it very happy. Also ensure that it is lightweight. For those always on the go, a portable charger can be a lifesaver. This is especially useful for those who are frequently on the road and over long distances. 

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Moisturizing Kit

A moisturizing kit may seem like an ideal travel gift for women. But when you are on a long-haul flight or traveling in an arid area; everyone can do with extra skin hydration irrespective of gender. A good moisturizing kit can be one of the best travel gifts for men also. Choose a good brand and buy as per the traveler’s skin type (if you are aware about it or else find out). If this is not feasible then buy a kit for normal skin. You can make your own kit by adding toners and moisturizers for women and an aftershave and hydrating lotion for men. Pack them nicely and voila you have a utility gift for your loved one. 

UV Toothbrush or Phone Sanitizer

If you are looking for useful travel gifts then how about a UV toothbrush sanitizer. Backpackers, campers, and those who prefer budget accommodations can really use this useful travel gift. In the post-COVID times (when the risk is still present), gifting a UV toothbrush sanitizer can be a thoughtful idea. Buy a battery-operated and compact one. 

Phones are now used for so many other tasks. When taking flights, you will use it for security clearance (for showing digital documents) and it is likely to touch surfaces during the trip. A nice compact UV sanitizer for the phone can be one of the best gifts for Christmas or for any occasion. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Choose a good one with a long battery life for the ease of the traveler. For frequent Business travelers, getting a good night’s sleep is often becomes a necessity during transit or on flights. Even the hotel room may not offer peace and quiet if it is in the middle of a noisy market or such. So, having noise cancelling headphones can be a boon for those always on the go. Include this in your holiday travel gift guide for not only this season but for any occasion. 

Passport Holder or Document Organizer 

A passport holder may not seem like worth including in a holiday travel gift guide but it is a really useful item. Having a dedicated place for the passport can be extremely convenient. It can also help travelers be more organized when packing their stuff. The passport holder can also be used for the vaccine card or other important travel documents. 

Buy one in a sturdy material and with adequate space. You can also personalize folders for that extra touch for the holiday gifting season. A good travel wallet has space for documents as well as cards and currency. 

Book or E-reader

Books are still the best gifts for readers irrespective of the occasion. Buy a travelogue or destination-specific book as a holiday gift. If your budget permits then you can also buy an electronic reader or a tablet for your loved one. 

While the subject of travel is still on, how about booking cheap flight tickets as a travel gift. If you are aware of the person’s travel wish or requirement, you can book the tickets as a present. For instance, book flights from Philadelphia to New Delhi for your loved one if you know they are planning to book a trip or desiring to go to this specific destination. You will not find this idea in any holiday travel gift guide. But this is bound to make the traveler really happy. 

You can also save money when booking flight tickets by using Indian Eagle flight-booking services. 

So, what holiday gift are you buying for your loved one?

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