Mussoorie Winterline Carnival: What and When is this Carnival?



Mussoorie, crowned as the Queen of the Hills, is popularly known for its mesmerizing mountainscape, verdant valleys, lush green forests, sparkling lakes, and beautiful waterfalls among other natural attractions. But not many might know that Mussoorie is also one of those very few places on the Earth from where you can witness a rare natural spectacle, called winterline. Moreover, an annual Mussoorie Winterline Carnival also happens in December, thus encouraging travelers to experience the magic of the winterline unfold in front of their eyes. 

What is Winterline?

Winterline, also spelled winter line, is a unique natural phenomenon that creates a pseudo horizon at dusk in beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow, and mauve during the winter months. It is unique to certain mountainous areas in the Himalayas (mainly Mussoorie and Mizoram) and the Swiss Alps. Experts are not exactly sure what causes the winterline, but it is usually explained as an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when sunlight refracts at a particular angle under special conditions when warm air gets trapped beneath cold air. The moisture in the air is also believed to be a criterion for its formation. Nevertheless, the winterline is visible only from mountainous regions with a long and clear valley extending toward the west.

What do Travelers Have in Store at Mussoorie Winterline Carnival?

Mussoorie, one of the places where the winterline can be viewed at its best, celebrates the occurrence of this rare natural phenomenon by organizing a carnival every year in the month of December. Just as dusk rolls in, the winterline appears on most winter evenings, with light orangish and yellowish lines forming over darker gray and mauve stripes. The sight of the sun setting below this false horizon is something to behold!  

Although this view is the highlight of the Mussoorie Winterline Carnival, the celebration also includes many other exciting events such as nature and heritage walks, star-gazing sessions, folk performances, puppet shows, and a host of thrilling activities like paragliding, bungee jumping, and skating. The carnival will also feature food and handicraft stalls. Campfires at several venues across Mussoorie will also be organized as part of the carnival. So, this amazing carnival has got amazing nature, adventure, culture, and food experiences in store for travelers. So, when is it going to happen this year, you ask? Well, the tentative dates for Mussoorie Winterline Carnival 2022 are 25 to 30 December.

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This ‘second’ horizon may not be real and its origin may still be unclear; it nonetheless is an enchanting sight that draws travelers from all across India and even the world. To witness this unique phenomenon, plan your trip to Mussoorie in the last week of December and book your flights as soon as possible to get the cheapest air ticket. You can save more on flight tickets by availing Indian Eagle deals on flights to India.

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