6 Tips to Ease Travel Sickness on Planes



For someone who suffers from travel sickness, the most challenging part of an India trip seems to be sitting through the long flight to India from USA or elsewhere. Motion sickness can ruin most travel experiences, and in the worst cases, it can keep you away from certain thrilling adventures such as train journeys, amusement park rides, cruises, long road trips, etc. that tend to trigger motion sickness. So, what can you do to avoid travel sickness? Find them out in this article.

What Causes Motion Sickness?

You experience motion sickness when your eyes, inner ears, and muscles send conflicting signals about the movement to your brain, which finds it hard to make out if you are actually in motion or still. For example, when you are traveling on a flight or car, the vehicle moves ahead and your body is still. Your inner ears (which form a part of the vestibular system that is responsible for determining spatial orientation) and eyes sense motion and send the same information to your brain whereas the unmoving muscles send contrasting signals about motion. This mismatch of information causes motion sickness and you end up feeling dizzy and disoriented.

What are the common symptoms of motion sickness?

You might experience a few or all of the following symptoms when you are motion sick.
● Light-headedness
● Nausea
● Dizziness
● Exhaustion
● Disorientation
● Cold sweats
● Irritability
● Paleness of skin
● Increased salivation

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How can you avoid travel sickness while on a flight?

Air sickness is a common condition experienced by many. It is common among children, pregnant women, and those who suffer from migraine. Although it is not dangerous, there are ways you can avoid it and have a smooth and stress-free journey.

Get a Seat in the Wing Section

Choosing the right seat on a plane can ease your air sickness to some extent. Always sit on a seat in the wing section as well as the ones closer to the front of the airplanes. They are comparatively more stable than the ones toward the back of the plane, where your body movement is usually higher during the flight.

Eat light before the flight

Avoid two things at all costs – flying on an empty stomach and having a heavy meal before the flight. Both can worsen travel sickness, so make sure you are eating light the night before the flight and on the day of your travel. Don’t eat oily and salty food that causes stomach upset and check your calorie intake.

Chew Ginger or Peppermint

Sucking on ginger and peppermint can calm your stomach and help you feel better when you are suffering from travel sickness. Keep ginger and mint-flavored candies handy or ask the flight attendant to serve you a ginger ale or sparkling water when the beverage cart rolls up to you. Don’t drink it at once; sip it in small gulps for maximum result.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink plenty of water before, after, and throughout your flight journey. Limit the consumption of alcohol and caffeinated beverages that dehydrate the body.

Avoid Digital Screens and Don’t Read

While one might think that reading or watching is a good distraction from motion sickness, in reality, these activities aggravate travel sickness as they involve a lot of eye movement. So, say no to reading (books, magazines or newspapers, or anything) and watching movies on the digital screen while you are on a flight.

Focus Your Eyes on a Fixed Point at a Distance

When you start feeling motion sick, try gazing at a stable point in the distance. Minimizing eye movement by fixing your sight on the horizon or a far-away point is one of the best ways to ease travel sickness.

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