Incredible Tourist Attractions near Chitrakoot Waterfalls



Chitrakote, India’s widest waterfall is located on the Jagdalpur west side in the Chhattisgarh Bastar District. Chitrakote waterfalls are best seen during the monsoon season. During the summer, the water flows down the cliff in three streams. The main attraction here is the Lord Shiva shrine with numerous little lingas of the lord shiv below the fall. Residents and visitors enjoy floating, soaking, or even using paddle ships on the river during the low season. 

If you love waterfalls and want to experience a thrilling vacation then these waterfalls would suit you. Here are some of the tourist attractions and how to reach Chitrakoot falls while you plan to visit here.

Waterfalls of Tamra Ghoomar

A current finding folded in a secluded place out from the bustling metropolis and encircled on both sides with dense verdant fields. It is a realistic fall that reaches an extreme of 100 feet during monsoon storms. One can reach this place within 20 mins of drive from Chitrakote waterfalls and is a popular spot for day picnics for both travelers and residents. Its tranquility keeps you engaged and makes you enjoy a day in the middle of green canyons and mountains.

Kanger Valley National Park

The garden comes from the River Kanger, which runs through it. It has a myriad scope of beauty and peaceful surroundings, as well as a sizable tribal population. It is in the thirty-four km-long Kanger Valley and is one of India’s densest national parks. It encompasses an area of over two hundred square km of mostly hilly terrain, with luxuriant green geographies, and peaceful falls scattered throughout. There is a vehicle ride within the park that carries you to the thrilling places of the park. Tigers, leopards, and barking deer are among the critical species seen here.

Kutumsar Cave

It is an inherently created grotto that takes its reputation from Kutumsar town, which is located near the caves. It is a limestone den located along the Kanger limestone strap in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district, about a 1-hour journey from Chitrakote Falls which is one of the most popular waterfalls in India. The caves are two hundred meters lengthy and have numerous downward and sideways alleys running through them. The cave’s entrance is initiated by an upright pit on the cover of the elevations that form the caves, and it is linked to the entrance by a definite walkway built for travelers dwelling in the caves.

Danteshwari Temple

A 14th-century temple in Dantewada is dedicated to the goddess Danteshwari, the Bastar region’s Kuldevi. It is thought to be one of 52 shrines of divinity. According to local legend, the temple was built on the site where Sati’s tooth collapsed during the construction of Shakti shrines. The residents memorialize the festival of Dussehra with a huge parade for the deity that traverses the entire town.

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Bastar Palace

The rulers of Bastar built Bastar Palace, the former headquarters of the Bastar Kingdom. The government has currently planned for routine supervision and care of the palace. It is surrounded by greens on every side and is famous for the antiques and documented whiffs that beautify the castle borders. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the Bastar area. The Palace is approximately 40 kilometers from Chitrakote waterfalls and to reach there it will take about 1hr time.

Chitrakoot Waterfalls, with gushing reservoirs and magnificent falls of water from the ridges, is the ideal monsoon getaway. It is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors all year. With its captivating views, it is even the ideal backdrop for any photography enthusiast. Chitrakote falls also named as Niagara falls of India is ideal for a thrilling vacation with your family or to spend your special time with yourself, contemplating life, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

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