7 Types of Shopaholics: Which One Are You?



Shopping is a necessity for some and an addiction for others. Do you tend to go shopping in your free time? Do you always return home with countless shopping bags every time you are out there at a mall or a shopping market? Have you found it difficult (or realized it is impossible) to hold yourself back from purchasing things when you are strolling past shopping lanes? Call yourself a shopaholic if you have experienced any (or all) of these. The term, oniomania, defines this compulsive buying behavior. And as for the types of shopaholics, we have classified shopping addiction into the below categories. 

The Brand Addict 

The Brand Addict

When it comes to splurging on shopping, brand addicts don’t think twice provided they are spending on branded goods. Big brand names and logos matter more to them than the hefty price tags. Some associate brands with their social identity, some see it as a reflection of their self-esteem, and some others buy luxurious products simply because they can afford the luxury. Reasons can be different, but their obsession with luxury brands is incomparable. 

The Bargain Hunter

Bargain Hunter

Bargain hunters cannot imagine buying things at the exact same price the shop owner quotes. The amount of discount they get on a product is what defines their shopping experience. The greater the discount, the better the shopping experience. Bargain hunters can be of two types – those who hunt all the stores at the local bazaars and haggle hard with vendors until they seal the right deal and the second type, who wait patiently for sale seasons and discount periods and then pounce on the discounted products. Most Indian bazaars are the perfect hunting grounds for this type of shopaholics.  

The Impulsive Shopper

Impulsive Shopper

Do you act on impulse when it comes to shopping? That sudden urge to own something that catches your eye is both irresistible and unexplainable, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. In fact, you belong to the common types of shopaholics. Studies show that 40 to 80 percent of purchases are done on a whim. 

The Window Shopper

Window Shopper

This kind of shopping enthusiasts do not intend to purchase things, but does this stop them from exploring what’s in store anyway? Never! They hop from store to store, stall to stall, take a look at everything available, and never hesitate to try most of the things but end up buying none. They go shopping (if it can be called that) just for the pleasure of it!    

The Collection Freak

Collection Freak

By collection freaks, we mean people who have a penchant for gathering every variety of a particular item. They wish to have the entirety of something, in all its shapes, sizes, colors, and forms available. Collection freaks can be considered the rarest of all types of shopaholics. They know what they want exactly and their shopping expedition ends the moment they cannot find what they are looking for as they cannot settle for something else.  

India can be a paradise for collection freaks, the variety of things you can get here amazes you. Indulge yourself in purposeful shopping the next time you fly to India and enrich your collection! 

The Anxiety Shopper

Anxiety Shopper

One of the most common types of shopaholics are anxiety shoppers, for whom shopping is a way of dealing with anxiety. Whether they are elated or sad, excited or stressed, irritated or bored, they resort to retail therapy. It is an escape from the reality of their emotions. Anxiety shoppers find relief from their emotional strain in shopping and it makes them feel better.  

The Fierce Wishlister

Fierce Wishlister

Endless wishlist, but few orders – is that you? Most e-shoppers fall into this category. They randomly open the handy apps and view pages and pages of merchandise; wish-listing everything from the items they want to purchase during the upcoming sale period to products they might consider purchasing sometime in the future (when the deal is too good to miss) to the things that they liked but are never really going to buy.  

Which among these seven types of shopaholics can you relate with? Tell us in the comments section below!

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