Visit these Awe-Inspiring Lakes in Washington for a Blissful Experience



Lakes in Washington are the best places to spend some moments in tranquility. Imagine sitting by the lake during the sunset as you watch the clear waters perfectly mirror the hues of pink in the sky. Oh! What a mesmerizing treat to the eyes. 

You can also opt to take a boat ride and explore the gorgeous surroundings near the lake or take a walk in leisure around it as you capture some perfectly-timed photographs of the blue hour for your Instagram feed. 

Sounds magical? Then plan a trip to these best lakes in Washington to have a soul-soothing experience. 

Lake Crescent

Popular for its amazingly clear and incredible blue waters, Lake Crescent is one of the most beautiful lakes in Washington. If you find the right spot, you can also look at the land beneath the pristine waters. As an adventure sports lover, you can go hiking in the nearby trails, explore the lush parks or opt for camping to enjoy the star-filled night sky. Some of the must-visit attractions around this lake are Barnes Creek Trail, Marymere Falls, Juan de Fuca etc. 

Lake Wenatchee 

A trip towards the eastern slopes of the mighty Cascades Mountains will lead you to Lake Wenatchee. This glacier-fed lake is one of the most gorgeous lakes in Washington and is popular for its clear but cold water. You can sit and relax by the lakeside as you watch the spectacular mountains in the backdrop. It’s filled with gushing water especially during early summers and spring. You can also check out the ‘Lake Wenatchee State Park’ located on its eastern end. 

Loon Lake 

The mesmerizing Loon Lake is one of the best lakes in Washington to swim. It is located in Stevens County and is a popular tourist attraction during the summer months. The lake turns magical especially around the Fourth of July, when both the visitors and the locals decorate their boats artistically for the famous Loon Lake Fourth of July Parade every year. 

Lake Washington 

Popular as the second largest lake in the garden state, Lake Washington is one of the best places to visit to spend a day full of fun. You can also find the longest floating bridge in the world on its waters, which acts as a border separating Seattle and Bellevue. You will find a number of parks and other attractions on the north and south shoreline of this lake. It is also one of the top lakes in Washington that allow motor boats, so you can opt for a ride and discover the awe-inspiring surroundings. 

Lake Chelan

Spread over an area of 50.5 miles on the beautiful eastern side of the North Cascades, Lake Chelan is one of the best places to visit in Washington. With 1,486 ft, this is the third deepest lake in northern America and the deepest one in Washington. It is a glacier-fed lake that becomes a popular tourist attraction in winters. Lake Chelan offers mesmerizing views of the surroundings with a spectacular mountainous backdrop. Wenatchee National Forest, Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, and Lake Chelan State Park are some famous tourist spots surrounding this lake. 

Lake Roosevelt 

Also known as Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake; this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the eastern part of Washington. You can have a wonderful time here, if you choose to stay at the houseboats that are available on rent. To make your trip to this lake memorable, you can try fishing or even boating. 

There are many other lakes in Washington that not only offer incredible views but provide some amazing activities that will give you a blissful experience. Which of these lakes would you like to visit during your trip to this evergreen state? Share your thoughts in the comments under this article. 

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