What is Homecoming – Look Your Best with these Trendy Dressing Ideas for Guys



What is Homecoming? 


A reunion of students returning to a school, college or university. 

Being a student is one of the best phases of a human life. This is when you get to learn, groom, and evolve into a better version of yourself. Your academics, hobbies, co-curricular activities, and events you participate in, shapes your personality. 

Some of the major events in a student’s life are homecoming, prom, and graduation. During this time, most of you relax and participate in fun-filled activities. It’s the end of September, which is the time for homecoming 2022. Some of you might already be done with this event while most of you might be preparing for it. For those who are not already aware, here is what exactly homecoming means. 

What is Homecoming Ritual? 


Homecoming is one of the most awaited times of the year. Literally it means ‘an instance of returning to your home’ but in America it is one of the biggest events of a student’s life. It is a reunion of returning students of a school, college or university. This is usually organized in the beginning of the academic year, which is around September-October. 

Every school or college has their own homecoming traditions. This could differ from city to city or school to school. Some organize dance events or football games while others have week-long festivities that include different activities. 

What is Hoco?

‘Hoco’ is nothing but an abbreviation used by the students, teachers or school staff for ‘homecoming’.

Popular Homecoming Traditions

Although they differ from institution to institution, some of the popular homecoming traditions/activities are: 

  1. Homecoming Court
  2. Pep Rally
  3. Tailgate
  4. Half Time Show
  5. Football Match
  6. Dance Competition

Dressing for Homecoming

Sometimes students spend weeks planning on their homecoming outfit. The dress code is generally semi-formal attire for both girls and boys. Students usually opt to wear black while some may opt for brighter dresses. 

If you are a student and still have not decided what you will be wearing for the event, here are some trendy homecoming ideas for guys to rock that perfect look. 

Opt for a Stone Plaid Green Suit

Ditch the regular black suit and instead go for an olive green one. Although checks over stripes sound a bit odd, any hue of green can make a plaid set strikingly trendy so you get a more toned-down appearance. Pair it with brown shoes, a watch, and tie to complete your homecoming look. 

Go for a Floral Blazer with Neutral Pants

If you want to look different without wearing bold colors, one of the best homecoming ideas for guys is to wear a beige blazer with floral prints and pair it up with neutral-colored pants and shirt. This way, you will appear sophisticated and yet stand out amongst your peers. Accessorize with a stylish belt and a pair of sneakers. 

Try the Classic Red Suit 

Wearing a red suit with white shirt is one of the top homecoming ideas for guys in 2022. Just like girls make a fashion statement wearing their embellished red dresses, you can make one too wearing this bright colored suit. Pair it up with suave oxfords and a black bow and you are ready to rock this look! 

Rock Your Look in a Neon Suit

Neon Colored Homecoming Suit

Go all bold and rock your homecoming look wearing a neon-colored suit. Be it pink or green, you can make a style statement by just opting for these bold colors. Accessorize your outfit with black shoes, a dash of confidence and you are good to go. 

Go Desi & Opt for a Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jacket Homecoming Style

If you are an Indian student living in the US, you can always make a difference by opting to wear your traditional garment but with a twist. Go for a black shirt and pants and add a maroon Nehru jacket over it. Finish your look with a black pocket square, maroon shoes and that desi swag! This is one of the best homecoming ideas for guys who live in USA but are Indian at heart. 

Are you excited about homecoming 2022? Comment below and let us know which look mentioned above you would prefer to wear. 

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