Aviation & Automobile to Work Together in Providing Sustainable Travel Solutions



In a fight against global warming and in order to conserve the environment, brands and organizations are working together with the environmentalists. They are finding all kinds of sustainable solutions that can help reduce carbon emissions while not compromising on the growth towards a better future. 

As majority of the carbon emissions are from the travel sector, various aerospace and automobile companies are researching and coming up with an array of future technologies that will not be harmful to the environment. 

A Collaboration between Airbus and Renault 

In order to make batteries that will power both aircraft and cars in the coming years, Airbus and Renault will collaborate together. Both these companies are big names in the aviation and automobile industry. They also share the same goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions

The two companies plan to utilize their engineering resources so they can research together and invent next-generation batteries. Through this partnership, both Airbus and Renault look forward to creating improvised technologies for better battery storage.

Reducing Carbon Footprint 

Both Airbus and Renault aim to work on innovating technologies to reduce the carbon footprint. Engineering teams from Renault and Airbus will collaborate to ‘converge transversal technologies’, which will let the hybrid aircraft and vehicles to be created and developed in a more efficient way in the future. They will also work on battery weight improvement and energy management optimization. Also, solid-state designs that can nearly double the energy density of batteries are likely to replace the advanced lithium-ion ones in a decade. 

To be able to reach the goal of net-zero emissions by the year 2050, collaborations like these could not only help minimize the challenges but also accelerate its process. So, in the future, we can look forward to sustainable travel solutions and not feel guilty of taking that long road trip or frequently taking those international flights.

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