Ways to Have Amazing Travel Experiences



Big budgets may not always translate into amazing travel experiences. And luxuries will not automatically make your holidays fun. Simple things or some spontaneous ideas can completely transform a banal holiday into a never-can-forget experience (but in a good way). 

Essentially, it doesn’t take a lot to have amazing travel experiences. You just need the willingness to try new things and plan a few things ahead. Consider these ways to have amazing travel experiences easily. 

Know when to plan and when to be spontaneous. 

Excessive planning can ruin the best of trips. Yes, you may have everything in order and every step planned. If that is what you prefer, nothing really wrong with it. But if you want to have amazing travel experiences then you need to let go of a little bit of control over your itinerary.  For instance, perhaps you want to book flights from Seattle to New Delhi to tour the northern part of India. Then instead of a tried-and-tested tour such as the Golden Triangle tour, choose to go to villages in Rajasthan or on a yoga retreat in the hills of India. 

Choose a destination and book your tickets. When it comes to saving money on flight and accommodation bookings, it is best to plan rather than leave it for the last minute unless your travel plan itself is sudden. In case your trip is impromptu then book last-minute flights from the Indian Eagle website or similar credible sources. 

Divert away from the usual touristy places. 

It is easy to sway into the usual touristry ways once you are there. The brochures and the locals will also point you towards them. But if you ask the right questions, you may find treasures that would enhance your travel experiences. For instance, ask for recommendations for local eateries and markets. When in the market, do not hesitate to ask the local shoppers about boutiques or where to buy spices or other regional favorites.  

Instead of the beaches or gardens popular with the tourists, choose the places a little far away. Ensure the places you plan to visit are safe. But be open to exploring attractions that usually do not find their way to tourist brochures. 

Walk the streets and explore a destination at your pace. 

Guided tours or planned itineraries usually hurry tourists from one spot to another. But most often this is not the best way to see any new place. How about you just walk the streets (when it is safe) and check places that you find interesting. If a small eatery takes your fancy, do not hesitate to check it out further. If you see a shop selling homemade local delicacy, dare to try it out. You can ask for details about it and the proprietor of the shop is likely to be more than willing to provide you with more information. 

Sit on the bench by a busy intersection and watch a city unfold in front of you. If you come across art installations or murals, take that perfect picture and share it with your friends. Sit in a café you come across and perhaps you will find new friends or connections in a completely foreign place. You may find good conversation and company for one evening at the least. 

Call Indian Eagle to book your tickets now for amazing travel experiences. 

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