Changi Airport Gardens: An Oasis of Calm in an Airport Bustling with Activity!



Hanging out in the gardens of Changi Airport is the most refreshing thing to do after a wearisome journey on the world’s longest flight, i.e., the flight to Singapore from Newark. The airport that bagged the award of ‘World’s Best Airport’ for eight consecutive years (in Skytrax ‘World Airport Awards’), Changi Airport is no ordinary airport!

Boasting over-the-top attractions, including the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, a rooftop swimming pool, extraordinary gardens, forests, kinetic art installations, unique dining options, shopping stores, a movie theatre, a giant slide, and more — all within the airport premises, Changi is Singapore’s top tourist destination in its own right. With nature beautifully integrated into its state-of-the-art architecture, the airport echoes Singapore’s persona as a City in a Garden. So, this is the best place to begin your exploration of Singapore, and below are the beautiful Changi Airport gardens you must see before heading downtown!

Butterfly Garden: Where a Thousand Butterflies Surround You

The world’s first butterfly garden at an airport; this tropical butterfly habitat houses 1,000 tropical butterflies belonging to 50 different species. Lush greenery of flowering plants, cheerful colors of blooms and butterflies, and a 6-meter-tall grotto waterfall that completes the natural setting of the butterfly garden — it hardly feels like you are at the airport! Moreover, watching the fluttering butterflies fills you with immense happiness. Observe the breeding and feeding sessions of butterflies, if interested.

Location: Terminal 3

Source: Yandex

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Enchanted Garden: A feast for Your Senses

Walking around the interactive Enchanted Gardens is quite a stress-relieving experience. Motion sensors trigger soothing sounds of nature and mechanical flowers bloom right in front of your eyes, while the walking pathways (embedded with fiber optic and LED lighting) twinkle miraculously underneath your feet. Four mammoth glass bouquet sculptures holding fresh flowers and soft ferns stand at the center of this splendid Changi airport garden. Embellished with stained-glass mosaics, these dazzling glass bouquets, indeed, catch the eye of tourists immediately after they enter Enchanted Gardens.

Location: Terminal 2

Source: Yandex

Cactus Garden: A Pretty Changi Airport Garden on the Rooftop

Dedicated to arid plants, mainly belonging to the cactus family, this rooftop garden features more than 100 species of cacti and other arid plants indigenous to the driest regions of Asia, America, and Africa. There’s a bar/ coffee shop here; go get your drink and chill out in the company of xerophytes. Bask in the warmth of the sun, enjoy the runway views, watch planes fly over your head, and learn about the permanent residents of this place – Apple Cactus, Prickly Pear Cactus, Golden Barrel Cactus, Ponytail Palms, Old Man Cactus, Cycads, etc.

Location: Terminal 1

Source: Yandex

Water Lily Garden: Tranquil Views and Vibes

With lovely water lilies floating on cute little ponds, meandering tiled walkways resembling ripples, and garden shelters designed in the shape of a water lily leaf, this themed Changi Airport garden is a top attraction of Singapore airport. Spot Amazon Water Lily (one of the world’s largest aquatic plants), the Sacred Lotus, the Screw Pine, and many more famous aquatic plants while strolling along in this garden observing various marginal, fully/ partially submerged, floating plants flourishing in their natural aquatic environment.

Location: Terminal 1

Source: Yandex

Orchid Garden: A Special Tribute to Nature 

Nearly 1000 orchids belonging to 30 species and hybrid varieties adorn the specially created Orchid Garden. What is more interesting about this Changi Airport garden is that the orchids are grouped and displayed as per their colors and forms to celebrate four elements of nature – Air, Fire, Water, Earth. While the white and pastel-colored orchids in the suspended glass bubble terrarium represent Air, brown and green orchids displayed with root sculptures stand for Earth. Red and yellow orchids in vertical candle-shaped columns typify Fire; blue and purple ones planted among liana vines symbolize Water

Location: Terminal 2

Source: Yandex

                        Along with these beautiful Changi airport gardens, you must check out the larger-than-life dragonfly topiaries settled within the lush greenery of Arrival Garden (Terminal 1), the culturally significant plants displayed at Piazza Garden (Terminal 1), and Discovery Garden’s stunning tree-like sculptures brought to life by a dense cover of verdant foliage (Terminal 2).

A grand variety of jolly sunflowers at rooftop Sunflower Garden (Terminal 2), a dozen scintillating spheres of artisan dandelion glass sculptures nestled in the beautiful flower beds at Crystal Garden, and charming displays of colorful seasonal blossoms at Petal Garden (Jewel) are quite a sight to behold. Planning a Singapore trip? Look no further than iEagle for the best deals and discounts on flights to this stunning city-state. 

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