Five tips for workaholics to enjoy a relaxing vacation



Excelling at what you do is a desirable quality, isn’t it? But are you one of those people who dedicate themselves to work and cannot imagine a day without work? Do you often opt yourself out of family functions, get-togethers, outings, and other celebrations to attend important meetings, meet deadlines, or due to some other office work? Does the idea of vacation stress you more than an extra workload? Do you have a hard time engaging in pastime activities? If yes, you might be suffering from a terrible condition called ‘Workaholism’.

Cutting yourself some slack and re-establishing the lost connections (with inner self and surroundings) is the only therapy that can save you from potential burnout. Spend some quality time with family, catch up with friends, pursue your passions, and travel to new places! As much as it is not easy for workaholics to convince themselves that they need a break, it is never easier for them to switch their minds off work during the holiday. With a little pre-planning, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation, return to work refreshed, perform better, and rise to new heights both personally and professionally. Plan your trip and book cheap flights with iEagle now!

While we are sure you’d be meticulous about organizing your tasks of the week before the vacation and delegating the rest of the tasks to your colleagues, we would only suggest you that you do not give in to your inner compulsion to work during the holiday and not be tempted to overwork after returning to the office post vacation. We also have five more tips that help workaholics to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Check out the info graphic below!

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