7 Fabulous Food Tours in Miami Foodies Need to Check Out Right Now!



There are some really awesome food tours in Miami most foodies don’t know about. With influences from diverse communities, Miami food culture is among the most exciting ones to explore. There are a variety of Miami food tours to enjoy. For instance, while hardcore foodies can enjoy platefuls of lip-smacking delicacies, wine aficionados can go on exciting drinks tours. Non-meat eaters can enjoy the spectacular vegan food tour Miami is home to as well. Unsurprisingly, food and drinks happen to be the most sought-after of all Miami tours. Why not enjoy some of these remarkable food tours in Miami this vacation? Gorge on mouthwatering food and go on a culinary adventure like never before!


Top Miami Food Tours to Enjoy:


Food is among the main reasons Miami is high on the list of top US cities to visit. It is an indelible part of all Miami cultural tours. You can enjoy the smashing food tours in Miami even if making an unplanned and short trip on last minute flights. Most times, you will find Miami culinary tours coupons online as well. Check out the most popular food tours in Miami listed below. Experience Miami food culture to its absolute best!


  1. Wynwood Food Tours


The art district of Wynwood is famed for its spectacular food tours. Among the best food tours in Miami, Wynwood food tours allow visitors the chance to taste a variety of dishes. The chefs take immense pleasure in whipping up delectable dishes some of which are classic dishes with a twist. Their bold experiments have enabled foodies to enjoy a remarkable fusion of varied cuisines. This is among the best Miami food tours to enjoy.


  1. Little Havana Food Tours


Hardcore foodies will have definitely heard of Miami food tours Little Havana. Like the name of the neighborhood suggests, Cuban influence is heavy here. This is among the most popular of all food tours in Miami. Did you know there’s a Little Havana bike and food tour as well? There is! Gorge on Cuban special sandwiches, empanadas, and Mojitos among other things. Let Little Havana in Miami take you back to Cuba!


  1. South Beach Food Tours


For a little bit of everything in just one place, you should head over to South Beach. This is among the best food tours in Miami when it comes to diverse cuisines. See what it’s like to have cuisines from Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and the Caribbean land up in one place. Chefs go creative-crazy with the dishes and you’ll be able to enjoy popular dishes with a special twist. For hardcore foodies, this is among the Miami tours not to miss when visiting on business class flights.


  1. Swooped With Forks Food Tour


The name itself makes you curious enough to give it a try, doesn’t it? This is undoubtedly among the best food tours in Miami but not just because of the food. The thing that makes this food tour a unique experience is that you will be taken from one place to another in a golf cart. You will be driven to areas other than just Wynwood to enjoy mouthwatering dishes while gawking at eclectic architecture. Also, a bonus point is that sample sizes are very generous!


  1. Miami Beach Food and Art Deco Walking Tour


This small-group 3-hour tour is among the most exciting food tours in Miami to enjoy. Experience the vibrant south beach culture while dishing out on delicious food samples. Learn about the place and its roots as you’re led by an incredibly knowledgeable guide. While sampling food from around five of the top food establishments here, you will also get a crash course on the history and architecture of the region.


  1. World of Flavors Food Tour


The World of Flavors Food Tour will be among your most memorable food tours in Miami for several reasons. For one, you will be able to taste some of the most delicious Miami food ever; two, you will be taken to places that are lesser-known but offer up food worth dying for! Are you excited to take the tour yet? A fun food tour, this will make sure you remember your Miami trip for the longest time to come. It’s a culinary adventure like no other!


  1. Secret Food Tours


If Caribbean and Latin cuisine is your thing, this is among the best food tours in Miami for your palate. For topnotch personalized service, the size of each group is limited to around 12 persons. Beginning from a point in the South Beach, the food tour combines a leisurely walk along with the tastings. Try anything and everything from the typical Miami-fried chicken to a lip-smacking Cuban sandwich and a key lime pie to go with it.


These are just some of the several food tours in Miami you can enjoy on your trip to this splendid place. Thereby, when you book discount flights to USA, make them out for a trip to Miami. Experience the sublime yet exciting Miami food culture to its very best! Pick one of these fabulous food tours in Miami to visit popular food hubs and gorge away!

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