Traveling With Pets? Here Are 5 Most Pet-Friendly International Airlines.



The congested space inside the cabin, temperature and air pressure fluctuations, and the altitude change during the flight is difficult enough for us to deal with, let alone pets. But, if you cannot stand the idea of leaving behind your beloved animal for traveling abroad, then booking your international flight tickets with pet-friendly airlines is the best way to go about this situation. There are several premium and budget airlines that make every arrangement so that your pet’s journey is as safe and secure as possible. Here are some of those pet-friendly airlines you can consider for traveling with your furry friends. 

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is your best bet if you are thinking about traveling with not-so-common pets. The airline boasts of a flexible pet policy and low charges (about $100 for a pet). Their ‘Fur-st Class Care Program’ puts all your worries about your pet’s boarding to rest with a simple notification informing you of your pet’s safe boarding.

Passengers can fly with a maximum of 2 pets, but then, there’s only room for 1 pet in the first class and 5 in the main cabin. A dog or cat must be at least 8 weeks old to be eligible to fly on Alaska Airlines.

Pets permitted in the main cabin: Dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds. 

Pets transported as cargo: Dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, household birds, non-poisonous reptiles, pot bellied pigs, and tropical fish besides them.

Air India

You can travel with pets on Air India flights on conditions that you crate them properly and present their valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and all other mandatory documents. The extra charge you need to pay for carrying a pet varies for different destinations. However, this airline doesn’t permit pets (excluding service animals) on nonstop flights between the USA and India. On other international routes, Air India allows two animals per aircraft, in the cabin or as checked baggage. Pet carriages are not covered under free baggage allowance and hence passengers are required to pay an additional charge for it, even if they have no other baggage. 

Pets permitted on Air India flights: Dogs, cats, household birds etc.

American Airlines

One of the most pet-friendly airlines, American Airlines permits pets in the cabin for short haul and transports them as cargo for long haul. Like most other airlines, AA also requires passengers to carry their pets in a kennel, which must remain under the seat throughout the flight. American Airlines accepts seven kennels per plane. The carry-on pet fee is $125 each way and the amount charged for transporting pets with American Airlines Cargo depends on the trip details, animal and kennel size. 

Pets permitted on American flights: Dogs and cats older than 8 weeks. 

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines offers to ship large pets as cargo besides allowing smaller ones in the cabin. However, the airline hasn’t lifted its temporary ban on pet shipment yet, which it introduced in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can still take your pet as carry-on, but it must be carried inside a small, ventilated kennel that fits under the seat in front of you. This kennel will count as one carry-on item.  Based on the destination, Delta Air Lines charges an amount ranging from $75 to $200 for pet travel.

The age requirement for pets is also different for different destinations. Delta may accommodate four pets in the main cabin and two in their international first class.  

Pets permitted on Delta flights: Dogs, cats, and household birds.


If you are new to flying with pets, you may find JetBlue’s exclusive program called JetPaws very useful. This free program provides you with a JetPaws travel kit as well as Petiquette tips for smooth journey with pets. Moreover, you’ll earn 300 JetBlue points! 

JetBlue allows a maximum of six pets on each plane. They must be carried in an FAA-approved carrier. You may hold the pet carrier on your lap during the flight but at the time of taxiing, take-off and landing, it must be placed under the seat in front of you. 

Pets permitted on JetBlue flights: Small dogs and cats.

The pet policy of most international airlines strictly enforces the weight limit, according to which the weight of your pet carrier must not exceed 20 pounds. So, make sure you double-check the airline’s pet policy before making the booking for your pet. 

In addition to the above, United Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, WestJet, Air Canada, Allegiant Air, and Hawaiian Airlines are the other best pet-friendly airlines. You can compare the price of various airline tickets at Indian Eagle and seal the best deal. 

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