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Papikondalu is a mountain range located close to Rajahmundry in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Running along the Western banks of River Godavari, the scenic beauty of Papikondalu is a treat to the eyes. The view of the hills coming closer, the narrowing width of the river makes it look like the middle partition of a woman’s hair. This unusual resemblance is the reason why this name. Earlier it was named ‘Papidi Kondalu’ as in Telugu ‘Papidi’ indicates a woman’s middle hair partition. Eventually, it was called ‘Papikondalu’ by the locals.

The beautiful view of the hills and Godavari will bring you a breathtaking experience. That boat ride from Rajahmundry to Papikondalu will be an experience of a lifetime. Know about the places to visit in Papikondalu. Keep reading!


Situated at a distance of 30 kilometers from Papikondalu and 35 kilometers from Rajahmundry is a wonderful place on the banks of Godavari River – Pattisam. One can easily reach this place on the way from Hyderabad to Papikondalu via Rajahmundry As it located in between these two points (Rajahmundry and Papikondalu). Want to visit it anytime soon? Book last minute flights to Hyderabad and drive to Papikondalu!

In Pattisam, there are two popular temples you must visit – Shri Bhava Narayana Swamy and Sri Veerbhadra Swamy. The former dedicated to Lord Vishnu while the latter to Lord Shiva. Out of the five (Panchakashi Kshetras) sacred Shiva temples, Sri Veerbhadra Swamy is one including the rest of 4 at Kashi, Kedarnath, Srisailam and Kalahasti.

As per Hindu mythology, Pattisam is recognized as the spot where Lord Shiva’s sword (In Telugu Pattisam) fell after he killed Daksha. Lord Veerbhadra was born from Lord Shiva’s hair lock when he was performing tandava as his wife Sati Devi sat on the flame of Daksha’s yagna. In anger, Shiva killed Daksha but Veerbhadra went on performing the pralaya tandava wendlessly. Finally, all the Hindu deities pleaded Saint Agastya to pacify Lord Shiva’s angry form. Saint Agastya embraced Shiva with love and collected his long hair and tied up in a knot. Agastya requested Lord Veerbhadra to reside on the hillock in Devakuta. So, now you know the story behind the establishment of Lord Veerbhadra Swamy Temple on Devakutta Hill in the 11th century by the Cholas.


Perantalapalli is one of the nearby places to Papikondalu, a tribal village of West Godavari district situated by the water way, Kunavaram-Rajahmundry. It is only at a 10 minutes distance on a boat from Kolluru. Several boats that pass through Perantalapalli on their way to Papikondalu take a halt in this village to render the tourists an opportunity to observe the surreal beauty of the place.

The remote village is famous for Sri Krishna Munivatam, built by Balananda Swamiji in 1927. It was when he was captivated by the scenic beauty of this place on his arrival in 1926 that he stayed here overnight. He saw a lady in his dream who asked him to follow and as soon as he reached a place full of shrubs with a stream flowing close on a river bank, she disappeared. Balananda waited for her the whole night and to his surprise saw an idol of Lord Shiva as he woke up in the morning. This incident was the reason behind this Munivatam. Swamiji built a mantapa here with no priests to perform the religious rituals. Since then, devotees perform all the rituals themselves.

The Munivatam is not just known for its enticing story but also for the beautiful waterfall. Yes! It is the waterfalls in Munivatam that makes it a special tourist attraction. You can even reach the majestic waterfalls on foot taking the uphill route from the village.

If you have booked business class flights to Hyderabad for a national conference, youc an also plan a day for visiting this beautiful place.

Godavari Bridge

Only at a short distance of 2.5 kilometers from Rajahmundry Railway Station is this mesmerizing place you must visit in Papikondalu. The road-cum-rail bridge spanning over River Godavari flowing through Rajahmundry is the Kovvur-Rajahmundry Bridge or Godavari Bridge. It was by the South Central Railway Division of Indian Railways who commissioned the bridge that the 2nd longest road-cum-rail bridge in Asia was inaugurated in 1974 by our then President, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. The view of the bridge from the banks of River Godavari itself is very scenic that you won’t realize how hours pass so quickly!

The length of Godavari Bridge is 4.2 kilometers of which the rail bridge is 2.7 kilometers and road covers the 4.2 kilometers completely. The Godavari Bridge is considered to be one of the popular sites in Rajahmundry that every tourist admires and allures. Winters are the best time to visit Papikondalu and do visit Godavari Bridge once you are there.

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