Rajasthan Set to Host Folk Arts Festivals to Attract More Tourists



Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. Millions of people visit the state to explore its unique culture, ancient forts or  palaces, and try the mouth-watering local food. But soon, tourists will have a new reason to visit the region; Fork Arts Festivals

The state government of Rajasthan is all set to organize folk art festivals across different parts of the state to attract more visitors. The festivals are also believed to help in the conservation of the art and culture of various areas in the state while also working towards the upliftment of artists. 

Rajasthan is planning to host around 22 types of folk art festivals from panchayat to state level. Several cultural competitions will also be held and a budget of INR 27 crore has been allocated for the same. 

This will not only increase tourism in the existing tourist centers such as Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur etc. but it will also enhance tourism in other unexplored tourist destinations across the state. 

Types of Painting Art Forms in Rajasthan 

Traditional Rajasthani paintings offer glimpses of its centuries-old culture. It also perfectly depicts the picture of this beautiful state. Some of the different kinds of arts forms in the state are as follows:


This folk art can be seen on the walls and floors of major tourist attractions in Rajasthan. It depicts different Gods and Goddesses along with basic geometric patterns like squares, triangles or lines that connect multiple dots.


Badaley is one of the most beautiful folk art forms. For this, leather or a piece of cloth with unique designs is wrapped around any metal utensil used for storing water. The end result looks very attractive. 


Red ochre, turmeric, henna and kumkum are used to make beautiful designs on the walls and doors of the house. This type of folk art is known as Thape and is common in all parts of Rajasthan. 

Thewa Art

Thewa Art is a popular art form in the Pratapgarh area of Rajasthan. This type of painting is made on colored Belgium glasses using gold, which gives it an elegant end result. 


Phad is usually a scroll (a piece of cloth or paper which can be rolled into a tube) that has mesmerizing paintings of deities and at times, episodes of epics. In the rural areas of Rajasthan, such scrolls are transferred between various places for stage performances. 

These are just a few folk painting art forms. Rajasthan has numerous types of art forms like music, dance etc. that you can explore by visiting these festivals. 

The decision of the Rajasthan government to organize folk art festivals will not just boost tourism in the state but it will also preserve the tribal communities in the region and let people explore the unique history and tribal culture of the state. 

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