10 Awesome skiing destinations in India



Blessed with an abundance of icy, cold, chilling white snow, Northern India is a wonderland for all ski lovers!

With the Himalayas playing a major role in providing the sliding amusement, Northern India is loaded with skiing destinations.

We have simmered down the list to 10 awesome skiing destinations in India:

1. Gulmarg:

How about spending your winters in the Heartland of winter sports? Exciting, isn’t it? Gulmarg has two attractive and equally thrilling peaks to slide from: Aparwahat and Kongdori.

If you are a person who enjoys sliding all above from 800m ridge, then Aparwahat has got something to thrill you with. If you love to ski from mid-ranged height, then Kongdori entertains you with its peak starting from 450m slope!

Fun and thrill-packed with excitement are what is offered in the 7th best skiing destination in India!

2. Narkanda:

Narkanda is perfect to slide through the snow-covered glaciers. Veteran or a rookie, doesn’t matter! Being a tiny and beautiful little village located 2708m above sea-level, Narkanda is secluded with thick forests and apple orchards.

Amusing us with so many different slopes with varying heights, Narkanda sure challenges every ski learner and makes them better!

October to February witnesses the temperature drops up to 10 degree celsius. this happens to be the best time to make a visit.

3. Rohtang pass:

Traveling about 51 km from Manali coming across the serene, poised beauty of mother nature, you can land in a snow-covered scenic spot. Rohtang pass up above 3897m, indeed is one of the most loved destinations in India.

Creating a chilling, windy, snowy, and icy ambiance, Rohtang pass attracts skiers mostly between December to February.

If you are willing to zeal up your skiing session, then, heliskiing is also available here in Rohtang pass.

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4. Munsiyari:

As soon as one enters Johar valley, a snow-covered, white, and chilling mountain is happy to welcome you.

Munsiyari, having the best ambiance in regards to climatic conditions, altitude, and terrain, is suitable for trekkers, skiers, and adventure lovers!

As already mentioned, Munsiyari has the best climate and during winters it is still more enhanced. So, the best to make a visit would be from October to February.

5. Auli:

Wanting to visit some clean, high-altitude, less crowded, and experience some exhilarating thrill? Auli, being located up above 2500 to 3000 m from the sea level can be a wise choice.

Because of that high altitude, Auli remains free from local visitors. Also, you can leverage the advantage of reaching up so high! Auli mesmerizes you with the scenic beauty of enormous snow-clad peaks like Nar Parbat, Mt Nanda Devi, Hathi Parbat, Bheetartole, and many more!

Between November to March, Auli surprises you with added beauty and an overjoyed skiing experience!

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6. Mundali:

Situated amidst lush green jungle, Mundali happily welcomes you to Dehradun. White and snowy mountain hugged by an abundance of thick, dense forest, Mundali is sure a treat for eyes!

You can also get a sneak peek of the Himalayas slopes where skiers experience the rush of happiness and excitement!

Mundali looks even more pretty during winters between December to February. So, book your tickets, pack your bags, and chase your love for skiing!

7. Yumthang:

North Sikkim also has prized possessions like Yumthang that can ski to another world of snowy delight!

If you admire all the adventure activities like skiing, trekking, hiking, and biking, then, Yumthang has a power-packed surprise to keep you entertained!

Enjoy and experience the whole panorama of the view rugged softly with white and clean snow! Yumthang, apart from adventure activities, it has got some special, surreal beauty to call for a vacation!

The best time you can plan a wholesome vacation-come-adventurous trip is between November to March.

8. Tawang:

Want to reap the experience of being in a rich, expensive foreign country? Then, Tawang can be handy as it is comparatively reasonable, accessible, and tourist-friendly.

Enjoy sliding amidst the shining white glaciers by traveling just 17 km from the city center. As the terrain is blanketed with thick and white snow, skiing for a beginner can be a piece of cake! Get your ski boot bags and gears like goggles, bindings, and suits and get going!

Along the side, you can treat your eyes with mind-blowing, calm, and serene beauty of lakes, thick forests, and amusing vistas!

9. Dayara Bugyal:

Located in-between the two mighty snow-clad peaks, Dayara Bugyal plays peekaboo as it is tucked with chilling snowflakes! The White peak and Bandar poonch.

Lush green grassland in summers and amusing snow-covered ski destination during winters! Dayara Bugyal is year-round beauty!

Although, you can enjoy the peak if you plan to visit between mid of October and January!

10. Kufri:

Located at Himachal Pradesh, Kufri soothes your eyes by having surrounded by green palms and tall and dense Deodar trees.

You can mend your skills by sliding across this snowing beauty regardless of your ski levels. Having you treated with fun, laugh, and unlimited skiing memories, Kufri is sure your goto destination.

If you are planning to pay a visit to Kufri, then, somewhere between December to February would be a great decision!

With so many mind-blowing skiing destinations, it is easier to pick one by one and get skiing! Get on your board, fasten your belts, and start sliding!

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