Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve has the Most Entry Points for Buffer Tourism



Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in the district of Chandrapur, Maharashtra is the state’s oldest and largest national park. It is located almost 873.2 km from Mumbai and attracts thousands of tourists every year. 

With 16 gates, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve has the most entry points in India for buffer tourism. It also recently started providing a day-long safari facility at the Dewada-Adegaon-Junona-Agarzari buffer zones in the Mohurli range. Now a new gate is all set to open next week for tourists in the buffer zone at Somnath. This will become the 16th gate in Tadoba National Park’s buffer zone. The decision to open this entry point was made after multiple demands by the local villagers to boost tourism in the region. According to authorities, a 40-50 km route (of Somnath buffer zone) will be made available for the tourists to explore the mighty beasts at the Tadoba National Park. 

The 16 entry gates in the buffer zone at the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve are as follows: 

  1. Adegaon Gate
  2. Dewada Gate
  3. Agarzari Gate 
  4. Junona Gate 
  5. Mamla Gate 
  6. Zari Peth Gate 
  7. Pangdi Gate (Aswal Chuha)
  8. Sirkada Gate 
  9. Navegaon Gate (Ramdegi)
  10. Nimdhela Gate 
  11. Alizanza Gate 
  12. Palasgaon Gate 
  13. Bellara Gate 
  14. Madnapur Gate 
  15. Kolara Gate (Chavrya Dev)
  16. Somnath Gate (The New Gate) 

There are around 115 tigers, 151 leopards, and 300+ species of other wild animals at the Tadoba-Andhari National Park. You can explore the wildlife and the lush surroundings in the region during your visit. 

How to Reach Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve?

You can book flights to Mumbai via Indian Eagle and take a road trip to Chandrapur to reach the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. This way, you can enjoy the scenic views along the long route. Alternatively, you can also take a flight or train from Mumbai to Nagpur and reach Tadoba National Park through a shorter road trip. 

What is a Buffer Zone?

A Buffer Zone is a specified area that is dedicated to protect the environment or wildlife in a particular region. 

What is Buffer Tourism?

Buffer Tourism in simple terms is a holistic way of offering tourists with unique experiences by managing the wildlife in the core regions, rejuvenating degraded forest lands, and developing suitable habitats in the buffer zones. 

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