The Good Things about Impromptu Trips



Ah the sheer joys of unscripted journeys!

No; the reference is not to the life’s big journey (!) but trips, travel, getaways et el.

Does the thought of taking off on impromptu trips frighten you? Do you feel excited by the idea of an unplanned trip to ‘whatever destination suits your fancy’?  Can you quickly conjure up a travel plan and dash off on a sudden trip? Perhaps most people can’t but if you can (and whenever that is); it is worth trying.

The Joy of No Plans

At times; the need (or the compulsive need) for travel planning can take the joy out of a vacation. And all the running here and there from one tourist attraction to another can further squeeze out any leftover joy from it. Impromptu trips offer freedom from this stress and also give space to actually enjoy the holiday.

There is a certain charm to traveling without an itinerary. The lack of heavy bags is another added bonus. A quick getaway has a ring of freedom to it. Just throw in a few essentials in a bag and take off – it is freeing. Excessive planning is binding. It tethers you to a fix itinerary.

When you travel with a tight plan, it can be liberating.

Off-the-Cuff Experiences

When you are not shackled to paid itineraries, you have the scope for off-the-cuff experiences. Spur-of-the-moment trips can lead to evocative moments. Imagine just taking off from your town on a last-minute flight and reaching your dreamy beach destination – a landscape that can awestruck you into silence – a welcoming repose. Or imagine taking an unplanned train journey and witnessing unfamiliar terrains of a familiar land. The scenes out of your train window alone can be priceless.

Impromptu travel can be about stillness or adventure. Or about simply roaming the streets of a new city or traversing through an ancient fort. It can be just exploring one beach over a quick weekend escape. In short; it can be anything you want it to be or let the journey lead you.

The adrenaline from the sudden plan and travel can be scary or thrilling. But it can be unforgettable for sure. An impromptu trip doesn’t need to be a life-changing experience. It is mostly about the unknown.

Some tips for impromptu travel:

  • Prioritize your safety. Spontaneous doesn’t mean you don’t need to be careful. Choose your accommodation with care. If you are traveling by car, ensure it is in good working condition and equipped with a spare tire and tools. Pack extra chargers and keep your phone safe. Carry some cash with you. And let someone in your family know where you are heading and when you will be back.
  • Always book accommodation before reaching your destination. Quick research is all you need. Choose a trusted booking partner and look for places to stay in your budget. Go through reviews and images of the place. Book and save the details.
  • Look for last-minute deals for your destinations if your impromptu travel involves a flight journey. Some airlines offer last-minute flight deals or you can find cheap flights on certain days of the week such as Mondays or Wednesdays (depending on routes and airlines). If you are travelling by train, you will need to book whatever seat is available. Booking bus tickets is easier but you may not find the ideal seats when taking care of it just before the journey.

The trick is to not overthink when taking impromptu trips. With proper safety measures and some quick planning, you can easily have the spontaneous adventure of your choice.

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