Essentials to Have in Your Travel Packing List for India



Are you planning your first trip to India and are a little unsure as to what to add to your packing list? Don’t fret; we have got you covered with this travel packing list for India. 


Pack a few pairs of comfortable clothes depending on the season you are visiting this country. Research a little about the climatic conditions as well as the dressing culture of your destination and choose your clothes accordingly. You should know that certain places in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa are far less conservative when compared to Rajasthan, Gujarat, and a few South Indian states. Opt for long sleeves and loose-fitting breathable clothes if you are booking international flights to India for a summer holiday and pack woolen clothes, sweaters, and heavy jackets for a winter vacation.

Buying clothes in India is also a good idea as colorful Indian clothes are comfortable and inexpensive. Moreover, they help establish a connection with the beautiful culture of this country. 


A scarf, stole, or a shawl is among the most important things to add to your travel packing list for India. You will require it the most when visiting certain religious places such as Amritsar Golden Temple, where it is mandatory for both men and women to cover their heads on the temple premises. Moreover, you can use this versatile piece of clothing to save yourself from harsh daytime temperatures or cold nights. You can buy them in India too.   

Train Kit

There are many ways to travel the lengths and breadths of this country, and a train journey, in particular, is one of the best experiences to have in India. Be it, Kalka, to Shimla or Mumbai to Goa, Jammu to Baramulla, or any other route, these train journeys take you through scenic landscapes and offer innumerable memories. However, you need to be a bit prepared to travel in long-distance trains, and this includes packing a travel sheet and inflatable neck pillow for comfortable sleep. Do carry cable locks to secure your luggage. A small toiletry bag along with toilet paper, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer are some other things to include in your train kit. 

Travel Adapter

The standard voltage in India is 230 V and the power sockets you find here mostly belong to Type C and Type D. So, if you are flying to India from the USA or any other country with a different plug/socket system and a different voltage, then a power adapter and voltage converter are two must-have things in your travel packing list for India. Investing in a universal power adapter is a smart idea for frequent travelers. 

Comfortable Footwear 

Pack two or three pairs of footwear, considering all the things that you want to do in India. Sturdy flip-flops for a holiday at beaches, hiking boots for hiking/trekking expeditions, and a pair of comfortable sneakers or any casual footwear of your choice for sightseeing trips. You can easily get all kinds of footwear in the local markets, so don’t pack too many pairs and avoid overloading your luggage.   

India Packing List: A Checklist

  • Travel Documents: Passport, visa, driving license, travel insurance, flight tickets, trip itinerary, vaccination certificates, etc. (and photocopies of them all)
  • Travel First-Aid Kit: Regular medication, probiotics, antibiotics, etc. 
  • Travel Accessories: Mobile, camera, charger, power bank, memory cards, extra batteries, ear plugs, headphones, etc. 
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Daypack
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Money belt 
  • Quick-dry towel
  • Sunscreen and other skincare products
  • Toiletries

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