Mandatory Key Travel Documents for your Trip



There are certain travel documents that have to be carried for air travel and these are the important travel documents to be taken before going on a trip.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Air Tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tickets for Accommodation & events


A passport is an essential document for air travel. A traveler cannot fly internationally without a passport. A passport is a key identity document that is issued by the Government of every country. Almost every country in the world issues a passport. A passport is a mandatory document that has to be carried along while traveling abroad. There are certain documents needed for a passport. Verification will be done by a government officer before issuing a passport to a citizen. Without a passport, the boarding pass will not be issued for passengers traveling abroad. Not only that, the main thing is the validity of the passport. It is an offense in many countries to stay with an expired passport. It is better not to travel if a passport is about to expire in the next 6 months. Travelers should ensure that they travel with a passport with sufficient valid time.


Visa is another important document. Visa is a stamp in the passport which allows travelers to travel to another country. However, some countries do provide visas on arrival, but for many countries, an approved visa is mandatory. Travelers should ensure that they apply for visas that are based on different categories. There are many visa categories for various countries and traveling without a visa is also an offense. Travelers can apply for the visa six months before the travel date. It will take some time for the visa approval. Sometimes, the visa can also be rejected due to various reasons. So, applying for a visa is mandatory for many countries and one should always check the visa requirements before applying for a visa.

Air Tickets

Travelers should show their air tickets before boarding their flights. It is always advisable to carry an onward and a return ticket. An Air ticket is proof of confirmation of a particular flight and a seat. The Airline ticket has the traveler details, flight information, seat numbers, and payment details. A hard copy or the soft copy of the tickets can be carried while boarding the flights. An air ticket is also a crucial document without which the travelers cannot board the flights. Air tickets along with both the passport and the visa have to be carried while boarding. An air ticket is also one of the important documents for air travel.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory for some countries. Travelers traveling to these countries where travel insurance is mandatory, have to apply for the same and carry the insurance certificate along with them. Having a soft copy of the travel insurance is also advisable. Types of travel insurance can be selected based on the destination, duration of the travel, and the co-travelers accompanying. Family insurance can also be done if you are traveling with your family. Even though there are countries that do not have the travel insurance criteria mandatory, the main purpose of travel insurance is to cover the sudden medical expenses at the time of travel, especially in a foreign country.

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Tickets for Accommodation & Events

Accommodation tickets are also an important document in some countries. Some countries ask for the accommodation details for passengers arriving in their countries. At the immigration checking counter, accommodation proof is required for some countries. Also, if you are traveling for an event abroad, then a copy of the same is needed. Travelers willing to travel for an event, have to carry a copy of the invitation, or a welcome card issued by the host.

The above mandatory documents should be handled and carried very carefully while traveling, and travelers should make sure that they do not miss any of the above documents before starting their trip.

Travelers can book their tickets by visiting the Indian Eagle website and planning the trip as per these tips.

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